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Easy To Make Papier Mache - Paper Craft Projects Ideas

Updated on September 18, 2015

Papier Mache For Paper Crafts

Papier mache is made when you form a 3-D shape by dipping strips or shredded pieces of newspapers or papers into a diluted PVA glue to use in making a form or shape of your choice. It takes some times for the papier mache model to dry.

In other words Papier Mache can be used as a fun craft for both kids and adults or as a family fun craft.This can serve as a very good gift idea. It is an art where you model with either a shredded paper or you can tear up newspapers and bind them together with glue that have been mix with water.

Papier mache making techniques are very easy to learn and the materials or equipment used in making papier craft is available even at your home. For example, you'll need old newspapers, large or small bowls depending on the size of the model you want, PVA glue, masking tape plus many others. You can get all your paper craft materials from any craft supplier shop.


Papier Mache Mould Surface

You'll need a surface to use in moulding your chosen papier mache craft project. You can use any object as your mould surface.

Many people prefer rounded surfaces to create their papier mache object, as you can easily remove them when the mold is dry.

You can also use balloons as your mould surface. Cover the balloon with the papier mache paste and later pop the balloon when the mold is dry.

It is recommended that you rub the surface you want to apply papier mache paste on with petroleum jelly as it makes it easier to remove the mould from the surface without them sticking together.

Not all papier mache projects require the use of a mould surface, for example, projects such as making buttons, jewelries and others.

How To Make Papier Mache Mould Surface

After cutting the newpapers into pieces, make a diluted PVA glue and soak the pieces of papers one by one into the glue.

When you are ready to cover the mould, you'll have to lay the pieces of the soaked paper individually from the top to bottom on your mould surface.

Make sure the mould shape has extra strength by applying about four layers of the paste paper on the mould surface.

Also use a paintbrush after you finish laying the strips of papers to paint or brush a coat of glue over the layers.

You can make your papier mache craft extra fun by soaking some scrunch paper balls and using adhesive or masking tape to hold them in place. To give a smooth finish, cover the soaked scrunched up balls with soaked layer of papers.

Leaving The Papier Mache To Dry

When you have completed your papier mache craft project, you'll have to leave it to dry in a warm place , but not near a source of direct heat as this can make your project to bend. The drying period can take between few hours to days depending on the kind of materials and the size of the papier mache projects.



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      Cookie Hutcherson 5 years ago

      Awesome ideas!! Thanks!! (:

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      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you Daniela and i'm happy to know you love it.

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      Daniela 5 years ago

      Really cool loved it