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★ Crafty Photography DIY Projects | How to Make Camera Straps, Tripods & More ★

Updated on February 26, 2015

Roundup of Camera DIYs, Revamps and Hacks

As if photography wasn't fun and creative enough, now you can find a huge selection of craft and DIY tutorials online to help you achieve particular techniques using homemade equipment, or to revamp the look of your camera to make it coolest on the street!

On this page you will find my favorite sets of instructions for camera hacks which will save you money, plus information on how to make your own camera bags, pouches, straps, tripods and more.

I hope you enjoy this page :)

Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Photo and camera by Dzung Le - Click here for instructions on how to make your own.

You can view examples of photo taken by this DIY camera here.

Photography Books & Fantastic Kits

There are some excellent photography books available to buy as well as some fab kits for building your own camera. However, my favorite from this selection is the balloon kit which allows you to take aerial photos from high in the sky!

Camera Stabilizer

Photo and stabilizer by George Richardson - Click here for the DIY information.

Bottletop Tripod


DIY 'Big Shot' 3D Camera Kit

If you're not only interested in owning a 3D camera, but building it yourself as well, then this kit is certainly for you!

Kimera Big Shot 3D DIY Digital Camera Assembly Kit
Kimera Big Shot 3D DIY Digital Camera Assembly Kit

I really love the idea of building up my own fully-functional digital camera, and this kit would let me do just that.

I'm also interested in mechanisms anyway so to see the inner workings of a camera would be really interesting. You can see the interior components even when the camera is fully assembled too due to some transparent areas on the exterior case.

Perfect for a photography enthusiast who would like more in-depth knowledge.


iPhone Camera Dolly

Clever idea for repurposing a skateboard!

Photo and dolly by Udi Tirosh - Click here for the tutorial.

Equatorial Mount

This is a rather technical project, however it would be definitely worth it if you are planning on taking clear photos of stars at night.

Photo and DIY by Paul Duncan - Click here for the DIY instructions.

Through the Viewfinder

The TtV method involves taking a photo with a modern camera, but through the viewfinder of an old twin-lens reflex camera. The old camera is used as a kind of filter to add a black border and an aged look (created by dust or damage) to the resulting photographs. The intended effect is to make photos look 'vintage'.

In the photo you can see the setup, which consists of a tubular 'contraption' that attaches both cameras together so as not to let any light in.

Photo and contraption by Pete Ashton - Click here to go to Pete's photo collection and see examples of TtV photos.

Building a DSLR Steadicam

Fairy Light Bokeh


A Collection of Awesome Video Tutorials - Including Dollies & A Time Lapse Tripod Head

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