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Photoshop 3D Rotate Camera Tool

Updated on November 27, 2015

Photoshop 3D Rotate Camera Tool

The 3D Axis shows the current X, Y, and Z-axis orientation of the 3D model in 3D space. It appears when you have a 3D layer and 3D tool selected. You can use the 3D Axis as an alternative to the 3D position tools to move, rotate, or resize a 3D model in object space. (To change scene view, use the 3D camera tools.)

Move, rotate, or scale a model with the 3D Axis:

To use the 3D Axis, move the mouse pointer over an axis component to highlight it, and then drag.

To move the model along the X, Y, or Z-axis, highlight the conical tip of any axis. Drag in either direction along the axis.

To rotate the model, click the curved rotation segment just inside an axis tip. A yellow circle appears showing the rotation plane. Drag in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle around the 3D Axis center. To rotate more gradually, move the mouse further away from the center of the 3D Axis.

To resize the model, drag the center cube in the 3D Axis up or down.

To compress or elongate the model along an axis, drag one of the colored transform cubes either toward or away from the center cube.

To constrain movement to an object plane, move the mouse pointer into the area where two axes intersect, near the center cube. A yellow plane icon appears between two axes. Drag in any direction. You can also move the pointer over the lower part of the center cube to activate the plane icon.

3D Video Tutorial

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photo restoration

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Photo Restoration Example - Before And After

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photo restoration

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