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Photoshop Direct Selection Tool

Updated on November 27, 2015

Photoshop Direct Selection Tool

The path and selection tools let you quickly move and manipulate any shape with a path. Part of the workhorse tools of Photoshop they will let you shift and change shapes quickly.

The Path and Selection tools are not going to give you a shiny reflection or a eye pleasing gradient. But they will help you move and position things exactly the way you want. If you use the Pen tool you will find yourself using this tool heavily to move and manipulate the paths you have created.

A path is a straight or curved shape. It is rather like a road - it can curve one way or the other but it is always part of the same path. There are sections in a path defined by anchor points.

A path can be open or closed, so either a straight line or a circle. Pretty much any shape you draw is a path and can be changed or moved using the path selection tools.

The shortcut for these tools is 0.

Using this tool you can move your path around and resize it if you wish. In the toolbar you can select "Show Bounding Box" to show the box around the path. This will let you enlarge or shrink it if you wish.

When you select a path with the direct selection tool you will see the anchor points and direction lines appear. If the anchor point is dark it means it is selected and you can do things with it. The lines that come off the anchor points are the direction points. If the anchor point is selected you can drag the line to change the direction and nature of the path. Click and hold the small square at the end of the direction line, known as the direction point.

Direct Selection Tool Video Tutorial

photo restoration
photo restoration

Using Photoshop For Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration can save irreplaceable heirloom pictures and preserve an important part of your family history. Whether it be a torn edge, damaged corner, creases, cracks, water stains or rips and tears, Iridis Imaging provides an expert restoration service to return your photos to their original glory.

Using the most sophisticated computer software, the results that can be achieved are quite astonishing. No matter how badly the extent of the damage to your photo an improvement is almost always possible and in most cases a total restoration to the photos original quality.

Photo Restoration Example - Before And After

photo restoration
photo restoration

Wooden Letters and Wooden Shapes Website

Below is a list of excellent wooden letters and wooden shapes websites.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Well done Change background color in photoshop

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      this is a excellent selection tool, well worth mastering.