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Picture to People (P2P) Review - Free Photo Editors And Text Generators

Updated on April 12, 2016

What is Picture to People?

The Picture to People or P2P is development project powered by feature-rich online software's that allow you to edit your photos or add mind-blowing effects, create your personalized text or image logos, create social images and much more. What is special with this platform is that it does not force you to pay any fees for downloading the original creation you have made or restrict their use via copyrighting licenses. Picture to People gives away every common right it may have and lands the full rights to use of the creations made via its software's to you.

Photo Effects and Filters

The web tools related to photo effects and filters offer you big opportunities to modify your photo with several different effects and filters.

You can create watercolor photos, neon light, cartoon, ink engraved drawings, smoke effect, cracked and much, much more. What I really liked on this category is the country flag photo editor tool, coming in three different styles, you can attach the flag of your country or a country that you believe deserves being solidarized with (France, Belgium or Turkey that are being attacked aggressively lately by illegal organizations are good places to start with).

A draft photo of the American Flag photo effect
A draft photo of the American Flag photo effect

Photo editors

Photo editors are big in numbers at the P2P, you can give to your photos an enhancement on colors and effects, turn your photos into drawings or sketches and even add colors to them, or turn them into colorful cartoon-looking. There are also a plenty of other features that are just too much to be listed all.

A sketch photo created with the P2P
A sketch photo created with the P2P

Text and image logos

If you remember how it felt when you created your own brand, gave it a website, created its social media profiles and after all that it felt like digging a hole in the water without a logo to give uniqueness to your initiative it felt.

You'll no longer have to enter into expensive deals with graphics and art designers for a logo or hire these costly freelancers because the P2P gives you the right tools to create your text or image logo in dozens of different effects. And you will not have to pay any fee to download the original file and will not have any ugly logo of the editor tool on top of your file.

Customized social images

With the Picture to People you can create your own customized social media icons. The subscription buttons for your website, web-store or just beautiful photos to share on your social media statuses are a great way to boost your followers and get attention.

If you want to use customized social media icons for your website, you'll no longer have to install third-party plugins, you will have your own original ones.

A stock social image of Facebook
A stock social image of Facebook

Other tools and features

The listing of other web-tools for you to use include as followed:

  • Photo Frames
  • Sticker Makers
  • Typography
  • Image Utilities


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