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Free Printable Birthday Party Invitations

Updated on September 10, 2014

Kids And Adult Birthday Party Invitations That You Can Print Out And Use For Free

I love making my own free party invitations for birthday, wedding, baby shower or simply to have friends around. Having made quite a few them over the years, here I have selected for you a few beautiful and fun free printable birthday party invitations for anyone else who likes to throw a party for their birthday - or that of somebody they care about.

The printables are great both for adults are children and are carefully selected and sorted to cater for everyone. And they're cute too! And above all, they're all free.

When preparing your own invitations and thank you cards for the upcoming birthday you will save money, engage your creativity and have fun too, just like I have whenever I a spur of creativity finds me and pushes me to create lovely handmade things.

Making your own birthday invitations is also a great idea to involve the kids in printing, cutting and customizing the invitations, by which you will spend some wonderful quality time together. Please note that the designs found here are FREE and intended for personal use only.

Have fun browsing through the selection below and bookmark this page as I keep adding new links and resources that are totally free!

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Create Unique Announcements for Every Occasion

Unforgettable Invitations: Create Unique Announcements for Every Occasion  Tips & Techniques to Spark Your Imagination (Create & Treasure (C&T Publishing))
Unforgettable Invitations: Create Unique Announcements for Every Occasion Tips & Techniques to Spark Your Imagination (Create & Treasure (C&T Publishing))

Learn to make invitations for every occasion throughout the entire year with this book. It doesn't matter which event or season, these invitations can be easily personalized once they're created. You get here ideas on making invitations with a fold-over, with a pocket, with a wrap-around, how to embellish them using ribbons, eyelets and sewing extras on them, and you'll also learn how to make envelopes as well. A must for every crafter at home1


Make Your Own Invitations For That Next Awesome Birthday Party!

With the printable free birthday party invitations and templates you're all set to create your own cute, fun and amazing invitations that will compel the guests to arrive, no matter their age.

You can definitely make something special that no one else has done - or at least not the mainstream folks who send out invitations. Why be boring like them, why not stand out instead? And it's so easy to do it?

You really don't need to learn a new craft or start something from scratch. These templates are printable and ready to be customized with your own text and any embellishments you might want to add. And even that is not necessary. Some templates are lovely, but others are simply awesome. You might need a bit of extra ink though in your printer, depending on which style of invitation template you choose to go with.

Another important point if you want to also make something different is to split the invitations, especially if you don't have that much time for crafting. Make some invitations by hand, and buy the rest - they are pretty cheap anywhere you buy them.

I have split the invitation template into those for kids and for adults. They each have their own themes, some more fun and funky, the others more serious in tone, more elegant and a bit more muted in colors. Another idea is if you invite an entire family, to create 2 invitations, one for the adults, and a smaller one enclosed for the kids. They will really enjoy having their own personal invitations to the party rather than just simply tagging along with their parents.

For Kids

The kids invitations for a birthday party are cute, and they are quite different for those to be given to adults. They have some adorable designs that children will love and even treasure. Actually a niece of mine loves collecting invitations and greeting cards and she has accumulated over the years quite a little treasure there.

So when you send out invitations, make sure you create them well, because you never know, you might even see your own creation many years from now in an old collector's box by a dear friend's child.

For Adults

The adult birthday party invitations have a more mature design, with elegant elements that make it a special card to be given or sent away. The colors are more muted than those made for children, and you will find lots of cream/caralamel colors with some stronger colored highlights in between.

Make Your Own

How To Make Kids Birthday Invitation With MS Word Printable Template

If you have Microsoft Word, this is a great little video tutorial on how to make your own invitations using this program. It's easy, fun and quick to do.

How to make 5 inexpensive birthday Invitations

Here you have 5 different cute invitation tutorials to choose from. Or why not make each of them for a fun mix-up and send them out randomly to your friends and family members.

How to Make Birthday Party Invitations With Your Child

The perfect tutorial to make a few birthday party invitations with your child. Have fun crafting together. These are so easy to make that kids will love doing them right there next to you. Why not spend a bit of quality time together in your spare time?

Do You Enjoy Making Your Own Invitations From Printables?

Do You Enjoy Making Your Own Invitations From Printables?

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    • TaraWojt profile image

      Tara Wojtaszek 4 years ago

      Great collection of free printable party invitations. I just love the ladybug invitations!

    • CamelliaPenny profile image

      Perrin 5 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks for a great lens! Looking for a printable invitation for my son's birthday. I hope to find something here. Still going through all the links - there are so many! :)

    • profile image

      lusine-manukyan-7927 5 years ago

      niceeee...... thank you for good ideas!!!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      You have offered so many great choices here. Blessed!

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      My daughter's birthday is in January - I pinned this so that I can find these party invitations when I need them.

    • Petzard profile image

      Petzard 5 years ago

      Great lens with lots of creative tutorials to create a nice atmosphere with these inexpensive invitations. Khhmm... And where is the party tonight?;)

    • Lenskeeper profile image

      Lenskeeper 5 years ago

      I think that the ladybug party invitation is adorable! It's my favorite, although there are many nice ones here.