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Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Looms

Updated on February 5, 2018
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Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set

Round Loom Set of Knifty Knitter Looms
Round Loom Set of Knifty Knitter Looms | Source

All About the Knitting Looms by Provo Craft

In 2005, I bought a set of these looms at Wal-Mart. What are they? Plastic knitting looms. What's Provo Craft? Provo Craft is the manufacturer of these plastic looms.

There are many types of knitting looms available. All knitting looms make a quick chore of knitting and they are perfect for anyone who finds traditional knitting needles a challenge.

What is different about the Knifty Knitter looms is that they are inexpensive! Traditional knitting looms can be quite pricey and are often constructed of wood. These are made of plastic and are light weight. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular knitting looms.

So if you bought yourself a set of looms, you're probably like me and you unwrapped them wondering how to use them. There aren't a lot of clear resources available for the looms. Some come without instructions. I guess they assume we know. Here's a summary of exactly what Knifty Knitter looms are available and how to use them.

Instructions for the Knifty Knitter Looms

Made by Provo Craft

There are 2 basic steps to using all knitting looms:

1) Wrap the loom - The yarn is typically wrapped around each peg. Wrapping can be done using many different methods that change the outcome of the finished knit. The most basic wraps that are ideal for beginners are the no wrap and the ewrap. The very first time the loom is wrapped, it's wrapped twice, so wrap all the way around the loom and then do it again. Each peg will have 2 yarns wrapped on it.

2) Knit off the loom - With the Knifty Knitter hook, sometimes called a pick, lift the bottom yarn over the top yarn and off the peg. Do this all the way around the loom. When you are finished go back to step one and wrap the loom again.

As you repeat these two steps, knit will grow out of the bottom of the loom. Cool, right?!?

More Beginner Instructions

The Round Loom Set of 4

Round Looms
Round Looms

Round Knifty Knitters Set

Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Round Looms

When I began writing and publishing my own patterns for these looms, I would refer to them as, "the yellow round loom," "the blue round loom," etc. But after attempting to follow many other patterns online, I soon discovered that either:

1) Provo Craft occasionally changed their color scheme of the looms, or

2) the person writing the pattern I was attempting to follow was color blind.

I would see patterns for a "purple" long loom, for example. There is no purple long loom. There is a round loom that looks reddish-purple.

It became clear to me that color wasn't the ideal way to identify them. Now, I usually list their measurements in my patterns. Here is the data for the Knifty Knitter sets currently sold by Provo Craft:

Small Round Blue - This is the smallest round loom and it measures 5.5 inches in diameter and has 24 pegs.

Medium Red - In some photos this looks purple, in others red. The one I own has a purple-red hue, it's not cherry red. It is 7 1/4 inches wide and has 31 pegs.

Large Green - If you see a pattern referring to the "large" round loom, this is it. Seems simple, I know, but if you don't own the entire set, it can be confusing. The green loom is 9 1/4 inches wide and has 36 pegs.

Extra Large Yellow - The largest round loom currently sold by Provo Craft. It measures 11 1/2 inches in diameter and has 41 pegs.

Free Patterns for the Round Looms

The "Hat Loom" by Provo Craft - More Round Knifty Knitter Looms

Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Adult Hat Loom Set: Purple
Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Adult Hat Loom Set: Purple
The round loom set mentioned above has package advertising that says the large and medium, or green and yellow, looms are for knitting adult hats. The yellow would be an extra large adult, and the green would be for a smaller adult. The redish-purple for a young child and the smallest blue loom for a newborn, or doll. (Hats made with the blue loom are very small.) At some point Provo Craft must have decided that one size does not fit all. They have recently begun selling the Knifty Knitter hat loom seen below. It is 10 1/4 inches in diameter. This is between the green and yellow loom sizes. It has 48 pegs. Sometimes when knitting things like hats, you just have to use trial and error. Not everyone's head is the same size.

Flower Loom - Some Other Round Knifty Knitter Looms

Knifty Knitter 4-1/2 Inch Flower Loom
Knifty Knitter 4-1/2 Inch Flower Loom
The flower loom is another round loom, but it isn't sold with a set. It is used for making flowers. It's also used for making small patterns such as sachets, crafts, and infant booties. This can also be used with traditional instructions for a "spool loom."

The Knifty Knitter Blog

You can learn more about making stitches and get some free patterns at the blog:

Have You Tried the Knifty Knitter Looms?

Do you have a set of Knifty Knitter Looms?

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Loom Knitting Basics

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