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Rainbow Loom Hook Upgrade is Definitely Worth Buying

Updated on January 15, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.

My daughter and I have been experimenting with the Rainbow Loom for about six months now. Every time I think she is getting bored with it she finds something new to do and falls in love with the craft all over again. Since this craze exploded in our home, we have purchased several additional products to make enjoying crafting with rubber bands even easier. For instance, we bought a storage organization box to store rubber bands in when not in use and also purchased The Loomatic's Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom to help inspire and guide my daughter and I in creating crafty creations. For one reason or another, either lost or broken, I have had to purchase several replacement hooks. Last week when shopping for replacement tools, I noticed that new, upgraded hooks were available. So, without hesitation I ordered the upgraded kit. Today, I just received our brand new Rainbow Loom Metal Hook Tool Upgrade kit and it is impressive.

Rainbow Loom Metal Hook Tool Upgrade Kit is Easy to Use

This upgrade is a huge improvement over the original. The original was made entirely of plastic and had a very wide tip. When creating intricate bracelets, the wideness of the original made it difficult to grab tiny rubber bands, especially for people like my daughter who don't have the best dexterity, yet. The new hook makes creating difficult patterns and bracelets much easier. The upgraded is actually made of metal and has a very fine tip. The handle is covered in plastic and is extremely easy to hold. I chose a pink handled tool, but other colors are also available. As soon as I began to use the new hook, I realized the upgrade was totally worth the money. In fact, the new upgrade kit cost just about as much as a traditional or alternative tool and works better than any tool we have used.

Mini Loom included with Upgrade

When I purchased the upgrade kit, I was simply interested in it because of the upgraded metal design. I don't even know if I realized when I initially purchased it that a mini loom was included with purchase. When I opened the kit, I immediately pulled out the hook and set the rest of the kit aside. My eagle-eyed daughter spotted the mini loom and immediately laid claim to it. She loves making fishtail bracelets and was often using pencils, pens, or her friend's fingers as a base for her fishtail creations. With the new tool, she can quickly make fishtail patterns without confiscating pens, pencils, and other people's body parts. Whether you broke your hook and need a new one or are simply ready for an upgrade, I can testify to the fact that the upgrade kit is definitely worth buying and the mini tool included with purchase is a great bonus.

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Get a Better Look at the New Metal Hook and Mini Loom

I scoured YouTube to find the best videos to included with this review. Many of the videos below are unboxing/reviews. While watching, remember that not everyone uses their tools exactly the same. So, while you may or may not agree with everything in the videos, the information should be able to help you determine which tool is best for your crafting needs.

Do you prefer a plastic hook or a metal hook to use with your Rainbow Loom? Let me know in the comments below.

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    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 3 years ago from Texas

      I haven't had the chance to use a Rainbow Loom yet. They do seem very popular and it looks like you can make lots of neat stuff.

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 3 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      I've not used the Rainbow Loom, but I crochet and I can definitely tell you that metal wins hands down over plastic. I once tried a plastic crochet hook and it was too flexible (bent too much) to work comfortably well, so I can well imagine the improvement a metal hook would give to this set.

    • profile image

      Ibidii 3 years ago

      I don't have a kit yet, but I want to get one! Great lens, saw it on Pinterest!

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      What a fun craft to do, over and over! I'd definitely go for the upgrade. Great review.