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Rainbow Loom Organization is Simple and Easy with this Box

Updated on December 1, 2020
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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.

The Rainbow Loom is Fun for Everyone

My daughter and I have jumped into the Rainbow Loom craze and are having an absolute blast. In addition to the Rainbow Loom kit, we have also stocked up on solid and assorted rubber bands, charms, and c-clips. While we enjoy getting all the gear out to make our awesome bracelets, I was a little overwhelmed with the disorganization and mess of the whole thing. So, I set out to fix our "messy" bracelet making crisis by purchasing a Rainbow Loom organization box.

Creating Bracelets is Fun, but Chaotic without Organization

When I first bought the Rainbow Loom, my daughter and I used the black container inside the box to store everything. However, as anyone who has truly got into making these bracelets, charms, rings, etc., will tell you, the little container does not hold much and rather quickly we ended up with a big mess. Before I bought the box, I was putting all my daughter's rubber bands in small snack bags to keep them sorted. Unfortunately, she was always dumping them out to find exactly what she wanted, so there were constantly rubber bands and those tiny c-clips and s-clips everywhere. I truly enjoy how much she loves creating with these kits, but I couldn't stand the mess.

Searching for the Right Type of Organization

Soon after we created quite a stash, I realized that we needed to find a better way to organize our gear or I was going to lose my mind. To solve our problem, I went to my local craft store to buy an organization box. However, I couldn't find exactly what I needed for a price that I was willing to pay. Then, I went to WalMart thinking I could buy a tackle box, but after looking around I decided a tackle box isn't what I really needed either.

Found the Loom Organization Box on Amazon

Frustrated that I couldn't find what I needed, I headed to Amazon online. After just a few clicks, I found a variety of kits designed specifically to hold the loom and its contents. After careful examination, I decided this is exactly what I needed, and when the box arrived just a few days later, I knew I had made a wise decision. This clear box makes it easy to keep all my daughter's rubber bands separated by color and also makes it easy for her to see what she wants and needs without having to dump the bands out. Better yet, it is extremely compact, so it fits nicely on the shelves in her playroom.

Don't let your Rainbow Loom addiction get out of hand. Instead, buy an organization box and you will never have to worry about losing your bands or not being able to find exactly the color that you need again. If your a mom like me, you will also appreciate the fact that this simple organization tool helps keep everything a bit tidier around the house, so everyone is happier.

The Rainbow Loom Organization Box has Many Uses

When I first purchased this box for my daughter to store her rubberbands and loom, she had thousands of bands. It's been a couple years and the collection has died down. However, we converted the box to hold beads, gemstones, and buttons.

What I'm saying is if you're worried about buying this and then just having it lay around when you're not interested in making Rainbow Loom crafts anymore, you don't have to worry. Whatever you use this organization box for, you'll appreciate the storage and effectiveness of the product.

Do you use a storage box to organize your rubber bands?

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