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Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls for Kids

Updated on August 24, 2017

Creating a Play House Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Put the toilet paper on a table. Keep the toilet paper on the roll. There might be 12 to 24 rolls per pack, so stack them in small piles for you child. They can play with all the toilet paper at once. Add some of your child's favorite toys.

On the cover, I made a castle with cars going into it.

This is also a fun project to put on a clean, not wet tarp. That project can entertain a group of kids for at least a half an hour or more.

Leaving the toilet paper on gives the child an easier building tool. As you can see, the roll can be put in any direction.

You will need to find somewhere to put the toilet paper when you are done. I suggest some plastic bags.

If you are a hoarder do not attempt these project. Also, this project can be flammable if put next to a flame.

These project can be pulled apart easily to put into a recycling bin.

Play houses normally are made out of plastic that may or may not be thrown out in the trash. Mine broke when I had one as a child. You can try to make one out of towel paper rolls or buy one. I have edited out that part of article. There are too many toilet paper rolls to collect to make a play house.

Remember: If you don't like the projects shown below you can always recycle them.

All other images telling what to do with your rolls are made by me.. except the car. I ran out of glue. I am sure it will work after the second time I try.

The picture is something that I made. Make up your own fantasy! Try to keep the carpet vacuumed before playing with toilet paper on the carpet.

I will be adding to this article. Pictures will be drawn of each project. Most of the projects will be art projects.

Most of the projects listed are only for play purposes. They most likely will fall apart over time. Be creative when making each project.

Recycle ... when done with project.

Image: DChance

Rubber Band Car

I came across this video when I was trying to see how to make a toy car with blank DVDs as wheels. I was surprised to learn that it had a towel paper type roll in the video.

This seems easy to make.

My First Pro-type - Fail

My first prototype falls apart. I should get more glue and the right wheels.

This is made by GrandadIsAnOldMan on youtube. This takes a while to watch but I had to put this in with the other towel paper roll crafts.

The project can be painted. You can draw on the DVD with permanent marker. I would imagine that little lego characters could be velcroed to the center of the car.

I tried to make something similar but it didn't work in high school.

Glue Guns

You will need one for most of the projects. Don't forget to buy some glue.

Surebonder GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun, 10-watt, Green/Black
Surebonder GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun, 10-watt, Green/Black
This one is very cheep in price. Don't pay too much for the product.
before/after room
before/after room

Make Room for Project

It is important to measure the space you have before beginning to start this project.

As you can see the blue square takes up too much of the room. The blue square whatever art you would like to display.

So, you will need to move the larger squares. Maybe, put lounge chairs in the living room instead of a sofa. This way there will be more room to play. As is, a bookcase will need to be removed.

You can choose to work on a table or a blue square tarp. If you have room, you can even work outside. I don't have that much room outside, so I would either do the projects on the floor or table.

As I have said before, remember to vacuum before you start any project that is being placed on the floor.

image: DChance.

Project #2: Small Garden
Project #2: Small Garden

Small Recycling Gardening Project

Project 2

There are items that just get thrown away. You can use them in this project.

This project is going to be used for several planets.

what you will need:

-plastic one time use bowl: One time bowls can be bought at the store. Or, you can use the ones that you bought that contained ham or turkey that you use to put on your sandwich. I would pick the second because the sandwich one can be washed then used for the project.

-toilette paper rolls: enough to fit in one of the sandwich containers.

-glue- Elmer's Glue.


-paints- any color.

-brushes- any type of brush.

-bread twist ties- Save this up. I use lots of bread to make sandwiches. They get thrown out all the time.

-rubber bands- any size.

-rocks- small rocks.

-baggies or plastic bags: I would use baggies.

-potting soil- small bag that does not have too many large chunks of soil.

-seeds- herb and/or flower seeds.

Objects can be replaced or recycled in this project. Twist ties fold over. Plastic bags can be replaced and recycled.

Products for #2 Project

After, you are done with the project there should be some plants that are ready to be planted, elsewhere.

You can keep them in their current location for now or make a fairy garden with them.

Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit - Fairy Crafts for Kids
Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit - Fairy Crafts for Kids
A fairy garden is a cute way to entertain and teach your kids. You can teach simple leasons about gelogy with the plants. Plus, you can change up your fairy garden. Put in new items or small toys that you find at the store.
twist ties in bottom of bowl
twist ties in bottom of bowl

Twist ties

What you will need:



paint brush

twist ties



Measure the inner bottom of the bowl. This can be smashed down into the bowl if you get the measurements wrong.

You will need to weave the twist ties together. This will be woven together to match the measurements of the bottom of the bowl.

One this is done they should stay together.

However, you can put some glue and water together in small plastic or paper cup. 1/2 glue and 1/2 water. Lightly, put the mix over top of the ties with a brush. Wait for an hour or until it dries. This is only to make it stick together just in case something happens ... not to fill in the small holes.

What to do with the Toilet Rolls

Here is what you need.


rubber bands

toilet paper rolls


paint brushes

sandwich bags

1. Paint the toilet paper rolls.

2. Let the rolls dry.

3. Put a plastic bag inside the dry toilet paper rolls.

4. Pull the baggy so that the end sticks out an inch or two.

5. Cut the ends of the baggy. Now, the baggy will be sticking out of the end of the roll.

6. Fold the baggy to the end of the roll by folding it up at the end of the roll.

7. Fasten a rubber band around it so that the plastic will stay in place.

8. Make sure you cut the top of the baggy that stuck out of the roll, too.

9. Fold the baggy to the top of the roll by folding it up at the top of the roll.

10. Fasten a rubber band around it so that the plastic will stay in place.

11. Do steps 3-10 with the rest of the toilet paper rolls.

You should have all your toilet rolls ready for the next step.

Rubber Bands and Glue

This step will include what to do with Rubber Bands.

Rubber bands

Your finished toilet paper rolls

1. Put a rubber band around two of the rolls.

2. Add another roll next to the first.

3. Put a rubber band around a roll that already is connected to the first one and the new roll.

4. Add rolls like this until you are done with all your rolls.

5. Then, make sure all the rolls can stand up the same way.

6. optional: put more rubber bands onto the rolls.



paint brush



1. Mix 1/2 glue and 1/2 water together in a cup.

2. turn the rolls upside down.

3. Put the Mix on the bottom of the rolls with a paint brush.

4. Lay the twist ties that you made in a grid like fashion on top of the rolls so it is centered on top.

5. Let the glue dry this way.

6. Wait an hour.

6. Once dry put in a bowl.


The rolls should be now in the bowl. Or, you can place the rolls in now.

potting soil

small rocks

Tea spoon

seeds- No Vegetables. Those should be potted in a container.

1. Put a rock in each of the rolls.

2. Add a tea spoon of soil on top of the rock.

3. Step 1-2 until the two reaches about an inch below the top of each roll.

4. Put a small number of seeds into each of the rolls. you can add more or less at a later time ... if your seeds do not grow or grow too many sprouts. Remember: this is your first time you did this project. You don't want too many sprouts so for now I would like you only to have one spout and kill the rest when your plants start to sprout. Please pick the strongest looking sprout to keep!

5. Cover the seeds with potting soil but do not reach the top by maybe a millimeter or two.

6. Put water in each of the rolls.

Here is what should happen once you put water in each.

The some water should seem put the bottom but no too much to go past the rubber bands on the plastic.

Water your small garden every other day.

Put your small garden near an open window, so it gets plenty of sun

It will take weeks or even a month to see the seeds grow into a plant. You can adjust the amount of soil and seeds if you don't see any growth.

Extra Recycling Tip. Remember to recycle your plastic or paper cups. Some cities have recycling centers already in place or collect your paper products every week with the trash.

How did you like the project? Did you plants grow? Which seeds did you pick out?

This Project

Made Easy

You can shove all the rolls into one plastic container.

This will save you some time.

Make sure your soil has some small rocks in it when you pore it half way into the containers.

Then, you can put one or two seeds in each roll.

This is very easy. The rolls will most likely be destroyed after project is done.

Please recycle them!

Make sure you have a newspaper under the project before you remove the rolls.

As you plant gets bigger you will have to check the PH levels of the water you are using on your plants so they they remain healthy. No less then 6. No higher than 8. 7 means that that the water is pure.

You can get a water tester at a pet store that you can buy fish. You will use it to test your water. There are also chemicals that you can buy to improve your PH here.

My Plant is Too Big For The Roll - A little simpler


pot with bottom.



Pots: You can color the with acrylic paints if you like but not the inside of the pot.

You may be able to wiggle your plant out of the toilet paper roll.

If this does not work take a knife... carefully put it in between the plastic and the soil. Wiggle the knife back and forth. This can be done several times.

When the plant is not sticking to the sides of the plastic you can remove it with a fork or spoon. There should be a lot of roots.

1. Now, shake off the roots in a trash can.

2. You will need to wash off the roots.

3. Put some soil in the bottom of a pot.

4. Add some rocks. Enough to cover the soil.

5. Add more soil to cover the rocks.

6. Place the new plant on top of the soil to the top.

7. You can now dig out some of the soil to put your plant in the pot.

8. You can move around the soil to make the plant be snug inside the pot.

Put the plant in a place where it will get more sun.

Later, you can have your own herbs to use on your food.

Please find out how to prepare your herbs or if they can just be eaten fresh.

If you plant gets too big you will need to replant it.

I hope you are planning to do this project.

Dice game - project 3

Have you ever lost a cup to your dice game? Or, you just want everyone to have one. Well, you could use a cup or you can use this idea.

Everyone has to use the same cup when playing a dice game.

Use one towel paper roll per player.

Seal up the bottom of each towel paper roll. This can be done with two pieces of paper glue together then glued onto the bottom of the roll.

Then, you can color the roll whatever color you like. Different colors is best for different players.

Or, you can drip paint on the sides of the roll. However, the roll should be placed on a paper plate before getting paint on the table you are using.

Wait for it to dry.

Write down the name of the player than paste or glue or tape it on the side of the roll.

Wait for it to dry.

Now, each player has their own ... very cheep cup to use for a dice game.


Guess the outcome.


Highest score of all the dice.


Lowest score of all dice.


Most matches.


Each roll has to have the same number in it. Five rolls.


Each roll has two or more of the same roll. Five rolls.

What is your favorite dice game?

Make a Scene

Project 4

Alright, if you are like me. You have scene the toilet paper rolls on-line with detailed scenes in them.

Here is how to cheat. Many are saying, "What? I never cheat at anything."

Well, this is your first time.

Let me help you.

You will need to pant your toilet paper roll white or as many as you want white.

This should not be hard to with acrylic paint or oil paint. Inside and out.

Let dry.

For the inside.

Tear out a page that has a scene in it from a magazine. One that is the size of your toilet paper circle.

Now, you will need a piece of clear paper. Glue this paper to the first one. Remember, you are cheating not doing this as an artist would do this craft.

Cut out all the negative spaces you can find on your piece of paper.

--What is negative space? In your case, this is going to be any space that character is located or not. Either way works. One way, is just harder.

-Once, you have your circle done make sure it will fit. This is when you cut it into the circle shape: NOT BEFORE.

-After, cutting make sure your circle will fit.

-Paint the white piece of paper white to hide the magazine underneath.

You will need to put little stand in backs to the small parts of your shapes. They will look like small Ls with glue on both of them. You can fold your paper before hand. Only glue to your magazine paper.

- Make sure it fits. Then, glue to inside of the roll when it does fit.

The magazine will be on the inside so everyone can not see that side.

This may take several times to get it just right but it will look like or close to the real craft.

I feel so evil, now.

I know the project above seems hard but I tried to make it easy.

You can start with cardboard circles or even cut away squares for the inside. -- Easy level

If you want the real project use rice paper with no magazine. Please, trace you picture first. Cut carefully. You will need to have the rice paper cut so that tiny pieces can be folded to be cut so they can stick on the inside of the roll.- level very hard.

Secret Cheat: Use stickers and paper. You can cut the stickers so they can be hidden in back. You can put paper over the stick stuff that will show in the center of the circle. Make sure it fits on before stuff the stickers into the roll. Make sure you use the sticker's own paper on the part were you are fixing the sticker to the roll. -- very beginner.

Does this work for you?

Cheating Made Easier

You will need:

Toilet paper roll



Cardboard paper


Spray paint

Color paint

Alright. Here it goes!


Cut out shapes any size on your cardboard. Any shape!!!

Color your shapes. This is only for the first color, anyway.

Toilet paper roll

Spray the inside of your toilet paper roll.

With you knife make cuts into your roll. Please, be careful with this step. The cuts can be of any size but if you make some longer they will fit your bigger shapes.

Now, you have both cardboard shapes and toilet paper roll.

Put the shapes in where you cut the paper. When you get them how you want them glue them.

Wait for glue to set.

Then, spray paint some of the outside of the roll. You don't have to spray it all with one. This will give your roll texture.

You can go back and paint the rest to look more professional. Or, you can spray paint the rest.

image: DChance



Project 5

I saw this project online. I wish, I thought of it.

This one has a jack-o-laternstype of theme. There are so many things that can be light up with a LED light.

I have seen many other types blogs about this one, too. An LED light can make a boring project even better. Plus, LED lights do not have to be plugged-in to the wall.


Toilet Paper

Art Knife

LED Light that will fit inside a toilet paper.

image: DChance


10 Submersible Battery LED Lights~WHITE~Wedding~Tea Light
10 Submersible Battery LED Lights~WHITE~Wedding~Tea Light
This one looks like it will fit inside a toilet paper roll.

Inertia Experiment

Project 6

According to the Google dictionary, inertia is, "a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force."

I recently saw an experiment on the topic. A worker from the Family Museum in Davenport, IA, appeared on IPTV Clubhouse during Festival on March 12, 2014, at 9:30 am.

She cautioned that this experiment was dangerous. Before, I begin, I will try to explain why she said that to the audience.

The fallowing might happen:

Broken glass, water spill, tray could brake something, someone could get hurt, not enough space for experiment, eggs might brake.

On with the experiment:

You will need:

3 raw eggs

3 toilet paper rolls

2 trays

3 glasses filled with water they have to be the same size

Place glasses filled with water on tray in a row.

Put the second tray on top of the glasses that line up with the first tray.

Place the toilet paper rolls on top of the trays that line up with the glasses.

Place the eggs on each roll top.

Straighten everything up.

Now, try to clap next to the second tray a couple of times with your fingers pointing in front of you: perfectly straight. Keep one hand straight then hit the tray in a swift motion after a clap with the back of the middle of your hand.

The tray should fly out of way. It will hit the floor or anything in it's way. The toilet paper rolls should be on the floor too or on the table, if it is a longer one. All three of the eggs should drop into the glasses of water. This may take a few times to get right.

Image: DChance

Egg Drop - Project 7

You might need a video for this one. Here

This is like the one I saw in television but this one is easier.

Make Yarn Chain

Project 8

This is very easy. All you need is wood skewers, a toilet paper roll and duck tape.

Tape the skewers on the roll. They should be spaced out evenly. The skewers need to be even all the way around, too. Tape them all around the roll. Make sure the sharp ends stick up.

Now, you yarn chain maker will be able to stand up on the table. Then, paint it if you like with any colors.

All you need is to pick out the yarn.

To start the chain:

1. Weave the yarn around each skewer leaving a tail to stick out. You will go around the skewers three times. Don't make the yarn too tightly around the skewers or this will not work.

2. Take the next to the first skewer that you started on and pull the yarn up and over the skewer. Do this until the row is done.

3 Weave around each skewer until you meet the end, again.

4. Repeat, steps 2 and 3 until you have a chain long enough for your project.

Also, you can weave ribbons or other types of yarn into your project.

The pattern you use can be changed. So, instead of weaving around every other skew: you can weave around other other skewer.

image: DChance

Project 8

I know the project had to be somewhere on-line. The project seemed a little too easy for someone else not to have thought about it, too.

This people will explain the project.

Sorting Your Yarn - Project 9

You can cut a small line into your toilet paper roll.

Take your yarn. Tie a knot around the end of the yarn.

Put the yarn in the slit that was made in the toilet roll.

Whine enough yarn around the roll. This can be done so that you can store the larger portion of yarn.

Red Heart Classic Yarn, Rainbow Bright
Red Heart Classic Yarn, Rainbow Bright
Rainbow should be a fun color for kids.

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