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Patchwork Scarf Craft Made From Recyled T-Shirts

Updated on March 10, 2013

Graphic T-Shirts Turned Into Patchwork Scarfs

Recycled t-shirt patchwork scarfs are made from old graphic t-shirts that have no longer any use as a shirt.

The shirts are cut in strips to show off the design of the shirt and sewn together. Soft shirts with durable material is best used for this t-shirt project for optimal comfort.

I have done a few crafts with used t-shirts before but when I saw this Patchwork Scarf made from graphic t-shirts I knew I found a new up-cycle t-shirt project.

While my patchwork t-shirt scarf is not completed yet, this lens is about how to make a scarf out of shirts and show you where you may find one already made.

T-Shlrt Scarf Tutorials - Recycled T-shirt Scarf

These scarfs are truly a treasure. You can go by yard sales and second hand stores to find the shirts you want to use, or go in your closet and find unwanted items. I have even seen old pajama bottoms used as part of a t-shirt scarf to make the soft backing. Below are some great how to tutorials to get you on your way to making your own scarf.

Each tutorial is a bit different and can help you decide just how you want to design your t-shirt scarf masterpiece.

T-shirt Scarf Made By Disabled Workers - Scarfs Made For A Good Cause

These scares are made with up cycled t-shirts by individuals with cognitive disabilities. Purchases of these scars supports independent living and employment in the United States for individuals with disabilities.

Green 3 Apparel Reclaimed Ugly Sweater Cute Scarf
Green 3 Apparel Reclaimed Ugly Sweater Cute Scarf

Each scarf one of a kind and you will never see one identical to it anywhere esle.


Superhero Graphic Recycled T-shirt Scarf

Superhero Graphic Recycled T-shirt Scarf
Superhero Graphic Recycled T-shirt Scarf

Ways To Reuse T-Shirts

1. T-shirt Quilt

2. T-shirt Pillows

3.T-shirt Bags

4. T-shirt Refashioning

Wear Or Not To Wear - Recycled T-shirt Scarf

Would You Wear A Scarf Made From Graphic T-Shirts?

See results

Recycled NASA T-shirt Scarf On Etsy

Recycled NASA T-shirt Scarf  On Etsy
Recycled NASA T-shirt Scarf On Etsy

You Don't Have To Throw Away A Favorite Old T-Shirt: Up-Cycle It!!!



How To Turn Old T-Shirts Into A Scarf - Recycled T-shirt Scarf

Upcycling is the process of turning up wanted and unused material into something of use or wanted. What are some of the things you do to reuse to turn things you no longer want into things you need.

What Is Your Favorite Up-Cycle Craft?

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    • profile image

      Jamie 2 years ago

      She is one of my favourite boglgers, one of the first I ever read! She's the one I found way back in the days of her Vintage Society Days! It's because of Beth I now blog! I'm so glad you featured she's the best!

    • Sher Ritchie profile image

      Sher Ritchie 5 years ago

      Some time ago, I used patchwork to turn 'household material scraps' (some from thrift shops, some from worn-out favourite things) to make some snug mini-quilts for our pets. Much more decorative than regular pet-mats, and our pets love them. One of our pets sleeping happily on one of these up-cycled mats - definitely an up-cycle up moment!