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The Ominous Noodle of the Rive Gauche

Updated on March 26, 2013

Beware the Ominous Noodle

Or, as they say in French, "Prenez garde à la nouille menaçante!".

What is this nouille menancante, you ask?  Well you might!  It is a strange tale of art and artists, of Paris and pasta.  It is a tale of travel through time and space that takes you from present-day San Francisco to the Left Bank of the 1920's and back again.  It is a tale for dark nights by the fire, while the wind wuthers around the eaves like a wild, grieving creature.  It is a tale of talking cats.

It is my entry to the WiWon contest "Telling A Story With Images".

So sit back, imagine you're hearing ominous music, and prepare to be horrified by ... La nouille menaçante de la Rive Gauche!!!

La nouille menaçante de la Rive Gauche - The Ominous Noodle of the Left Bank

Merci beacucoup à Prosperity66

Special thanks to Prosperity66 and WordCustard for their help.

Je voudrais remercier Dom, qui nous appellons Prosperity66, pour m'aider à traduire l'expression "Beware the Ominous Noodle". Je voudrais aussi remercier Word Custard pour s'assistance.

And many thanks to Prosperity66, TheRaggedEdge, and WordCustard once again for the Angel Blessing!

An innocent beginning - In which Addy Procrastinates, CC makes Snide remarks, and Piglet is adorable

In which Procrastination has Surprising Results - Despite CC's requests for her own Wealthy Alpine Country, Addy drifts off and finds herself Elsewhere.

Lost in a Strange City - In which Irony is Employed

Addy meets a Famous Cubist - She decides Not to Ask if being a Cubist means he's from Cuba.

In which Picasso tries to be Helpful - With Mixed Results

Picasso goes on his Merry Way. - He apparently had a thing for ballerinas.

In which Addy meets a Famous Macho Writer - who is a bit Less than Helpful.

In which Addy mocks the Writer - Who makes a most Spectacular Exit.

In which Addy meets another Writer - Who once helped an entire Generation of Lost People. Or the Lost Generation. Or something.

In which Soup is suggested. - And eaten.

The Soup has Surprising Results. - Which is weird, because soup is usually pretty boring. That's why we give it to sick people.

In which the World begins to go a bit Strange... - but it can't be the soup's fault, can it? HA! "can it" ... "soup"... get it?

In which it is Revealed that Alice doesn't know her Mushrooms as well as she Thought. - Oops.

In which Something Ominous occurs. - Ominous, threateneing, menacing, AND portentious.

The Plot Thickens. - But the soup doesn't. We're done with the soup now.

Prenez-garde de la nouille menaçante!!! - !!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, it's JUST THAT SCARY!)

In which the Nature of the Ominous Noodle is Explained - With use of Nesting Recursive Self-Reference.

In which a Tale is told of one of the Ominous Noodle's more Famous Victims. - It explains a lot, actuallly.

In which Gertrude unwittingly Provokes la nouille menaçante - She means well, but she just doesn't know when to shut up.

In which Things get Worse - Noodle Mitosis!

In which things get Much, MUCH Worse - More Noodle Mitosis = More Noodles!

In which the Ominous Noodle prepares to Devour our Heroine!!! - Prenez garde à la nouille menaçante!

In which it is Revealed that it was Just a Dream - A really weird one, but just a dream.

OR WAS IT!!! - C'mon, you HAD to see that coming.

The CLIFFHANGER! - That ominous soundtrack you've been imagining gets REALLY LOUD at this point.

Beware the Ominous Noodle - Prenez garde à la nouille menaçante

The Ominous Noodle - What the heck is this thing?

On the first day of my current art class, my teacher brought in a bunch of objects. We were supposed to choose one and make at least 10 drawings over the next two hours. The idea was to loosen up, let go, and explore the idea of working in a series.

I chose this one, and the first drawing I did made me think of a piece of ziti. A weird, threatening piece of ziti in a color never before seen in the world of ziti, but ziti nonetheless. So I scribbled "Beware the Ominous Noodle" on the page and moved on to the next drawing.

As you can see, it's a soft blue rubber tube, tied in a knot. My teacher has no idea what it is or where she got it. I have never seen anything like it and can't imagine what it's used for. If you have any ideas, post them in the comment section.


The Dramatis Personae played themselves.

Pablo Picasso

Gertrude Stein

Alice B. Toklas

Ernest Hemingway

All other images belong to me and I reserve all rights.

If you want to say something about Picasso, Hemingway, Stein, or Toklas, OR if you know what the heck that blue thing is, write it here.


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