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Seed Beading Native American Regalia repairs.

Updated on August 9, 2015

Repairing a Native American Possible Bag

Native American Indians enjoyed decorating many items and crafting upon their daily items and clothing.

First they used porcupine quills that they cut into small pieces and even used natural dyes to color them. And shells! But, as the white traders arrived and had glass beads for trading for animal hides. The people began the use of beads and eventually into beautiful seed beads.

Seed beads brought the wonderful designs and creations we see in vintage regalia and in the new creations for the Great Circle and the Pow Wows of today.

One of the greatest honors for a traditional craft beader like myself is having some one request a full repair of Native Regalia and bringing a piece of history back to it's original created condition as best as possible.

We do many items every year and have for museums and collectors around the United States.

The photo: A repaired vintage possible bag:(All rights Reserved)

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None of our hubs are monetized.

We share them because that is our thing to do.

Possible Bag - Vintage possible bag needed some loving care?



A Texas collector sent us this possible bag with another vintage small purse needing repairs. His note suggested we use the matching beads from the possible bag to repair the small purse as they did have the same crystal beads. He also stated that he did not think the possible bag was repairable.

After we examined the items and some more he sent.

We asked the collector if we could have a FREE HAND and try restoring the possible bag as well. He agreed!

Truly, this project was going to turn out to be the most challenging vintage Native American Regalia we have restored to date. I will write about this more further down on this lens.

The photo module shows the condition as received.

We are on the internet:

Possible bag before any repairs.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Back side of possible bagFront side of possible bagYou can see the heavy damage
Back side of possible bag
Back side of possible bag
Front side of possible bag
Front side of possible bag
You can see the heavy damage
You can see the heavy damage

Repairing the possible bag.

When we started to actually repair the possible bag the first thing was the leather.

On the inside we used deer skin patches and in this process we discovered just how fragile the old leather had become. It even split as a new beading needle was used? Quite a problem to overcome.

New patches had to go from within, and to go there we had to open, stretch and move the bag with our hands to place and then sew patches. In this process bead lines just began popping off. ( As we discovered later: The threading was rotted and decayed). Bob was able to finish the leather repairs including new sides and bottom sections as well as the cracks and the holes.

The leather was very soiled with oils and this was cleaned off but leaving enough to show age, style, and character.

The beading process was interesting. As I added ten beads another three would pop off. One must hold and move the item around to actually do bead work. This process caused old threading to continue popping. This continued almost to the point of completion, but by then almost all old threading was replaced.

Bringing back this hand crafted regalia was rewarding to our Spirit.

And, knowing thousands of people will enjoy it on display in Texas is a very warm feeling.

We pray, you enjoyed this lens sharing and share it with friends and family that enjoy bead crafting or Native American Culture and Traditions.


The collector just received the package containing repaired items including this possible bag.

We thought you might enjoy reading their reply. (personal identification has been removed) August 29th 2013

"We just received your package, and we are absolutely overwhelmed and speechless! Your reconstructive work is lovely and will certainly be an asset to our collection. Every single bead or repair is done with incredible expertise and reflects your love and understanding of the Indian culture. We feel so blessed to have found you both! We want you to know that we have gained infinitely more from this experience than just the material things. We feel that we have gained two wonderful new friends with whom we want very much to stay in touch."

You are invited to explore our new online craft shop.

Possible bag fully repaired.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A beaded eagle was patched in to cover a former hole.Here we added more crystal beading which then hid leather repairs.Back side repaired.We added a full bead design sides and bottom using original beads.
A beaded eagle was patched in to cover a former hole.
A beaded eagle was patched in to cover a former hole.
Here we added more crystal beading which then hid leather repairs.
Here we added more crystal beading which then hid leather repairs.
Back side repaired.
Back side repaired.
We added a full bead design sides and bottom using original beads.
We added a full bead design sides and bottom using original beads.

Repair Tip!

Take your time!

Interlock all beads on old Regalia

Enjoy your crafting abilities.

Peyote Stitch Tip

Remember not to roll your needle with your fingers as you bead.

Otherwise, you will get a very twisted line that will twist the actual beading as well.

Rolling the needle with the fingers is a problem all crafters must over come!




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