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SELBUVOTTER: Biography Of A Knitting Tradition

Updated on November 29, 2012

Folk Mittens Knitting Patterns

This is my favorite knitting book ever. Some knitters are obsessed with knitting socks, and this book got me obsessed with knitting mittens and gloves. Working on the patterns in this book gave me my first experience with colorwork, a technique that I quickly came to love.

There is something magical about the traditional colorwork patterns. I love creating these designs in non-standard colors, it gives these heirloom patterns a really modern feel.

Check out my review of other folk mittens knitting pattern books to see images of three different completed projects from this book.

SELBUVOTTER: Biography Of A Knitting Tradition

The Patterns

Women's Gloves - 9

Women's Mittens - 15

Child's mittens- 4

Men's Mittens/Gloves- 3 (+ 9 that overlap with Women's)

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Nordic Heritage Museum

The NHM contained the mittens that are the source for inspiration for the patterns in this book. Terri Shea reverse designed these mittens so we could re-create them!

Do you like folk knitting?

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    • JeremiahStanghini profile image

      JeremiahStanghini 7 years ago

      Knitting really is your niche, isn't it? :-)

      With Love and Gratitude,


    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 7 years ago

      Very wonderful, I also enjoy mitten knitting. This lens is now blessed.