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Sewing Cards -- Needlework Kits for Kids

Updated on September 25, 2014

Lacing Cards Make Great Gifts

Lacing cards or sewing cards are sturdy board material (either cardboard or wooden) that have a kid-friendly image with holes around the outline for sewing.

Children sew with shoelaces or other lacing material. This easy and safe no-needle craft is a great introduction to sewing for kids as young as 3 years old.

Sewing cards make great gifts for both boys and girls. Usually the best ages for lace-up cards are from about 3 to 6 years old. At first, depending on the child's dexterity, you may have to help them guide the lace through the holes, but soon they'll be sewing like an old pro.

Each child is different so consider their skill level when choosing sewing cards. No sewing machine is needed for sewing cards!

Photo Source: Singer sewing machines ad in the public domain on Wikimedia Commons

Sewing Cards for Toddlers -- Melissa and Doug

Start with Easy Lacing Cards for Little Ones

Sewing cards for toddlers should be the simplest ones you can find. The holes in the cards need to be nice and big so children can put the laces through them easily. The fewer holes, the better so the child has success right away.

The bright colors and animal shapes make this activity fun for toddlers to help them have success and improve their motor skills.

Sewing Cards for Toddlers

Good for Hours of Fun!

Teach about children of the world, faeries, and sea life while your child sews with these lacing cards.

What little girl wouldn't want to sew with faeries and sea creatures!? Boys like using the shoestring "needles" too to sew around the edges of these fun shapes. You can teach colors, shapes, and fine motor skills all in one fun hands-on toy.

Sewing Books for Kids - Start them out right with some instructions on sewing.

Give Sewing Cards as Gifts

Sewing cards make great gifts!

Give a gift that's something to do

instead of something to watch.

Little Boys Love Dinosaurs

Learn About Sea Life With Lacing Cards

Lace-Up Cards

Teach Fine Motor Skills

Lace-up cards are a great way to let your child practice fine motor skills. These lace-up cards also teach tracing for even more skill development while they have fun. The alphabet letter set helps children see the shape of upper case letters to begin learning the shapes so they can then write the alphabet.

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Do you and your children sew on sewing cards?

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    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 5 years ago

      I can always count on your vintage stuff to take me back down memory lane. I used to LOVE to do these sewing cards - interesting that i can't sew a stitch now!