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Simple Lightsabers: A quick and easy craft for about a buck!

Updated on July 19, 2014

Super Easy and Inexpensive DIY!

I took my kids to the dollar store on the first day of summer break to come up some ideas to keep them occupied for these next few months. At the entrance they had a big display of pool noodles in red, green and blue. My three year old son started jumping up and down excitedly. "Lightsabers!," he shouted with glee. I had an Aha moment and decided that with very little effort they would make a good lightsaber. Since the hard plastic ones we have are constantly being taken away from them for various hitting infractions, these soft foam versions could be played with in the manner they seem determined to use them, anyway! In a rare instance of solidarity my kids both agreed on the red swim noodle and we continued our shopping trip. Once home we had our blades ready to play with in no time at all! I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial and your kids have as much fun with them as mine do. Happy crafting!

Photo by Agalova

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

— Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

Gather your Supplies - This simple craft only needs three things, yea!

  • Pool noodle in red green or blue
  • Silver-colored Duct Tape
  • Serrated knife to cut the pool tube in half. (I used a bread knife)

You can find these at your local store - Or you can order them from Amazon

Duck Brand 1303158 Metallic Color Duct Tape, Chrome, 1.88 Inches x 15 Yards, Single Roll
Duck Brand 1303158 Metallic Color Duct Tape, Chrome, 1.88 Inches x 15 Yards, Single Roll

This is the classic Duct Tape in its original color. You probably have this already in your workshop. I know I do!

Swim Noodle (Style, Color, and Exact Dimensions May Vary)
Swim Noodle (Style, Color, and Exact Dimensions May Vary)

On Amazon you can get these for about a buck fifty, but if it is in season your local dollar store will be sure to have them in stock.

10" German Steel Bread Knife
10" German Steel Bread Knife

You probably have one of these in your knife block. If not, this is an inexpensive bread knife that will work for this project and as a bonus, slice bread too!



Don't worry... "It's easy peasy lemon squeezy," says my 7 year old daughter!

Step One

Find the center of your pool noodle. I just eye balled it and got it within an inch or two. You can use a measuring tape if your kids will be upset if one is longer than the other. I gave the longer one to my seven year old and the slightly shorter one was perfect for my three year old. :)

Step Two

Starting at one end of the noodle, wrap a piece of duct tape around the end. do this twice more, just slightly overlapping the edge of the last tape.

Step Three (Optional)

Using either some black duct tape, a sharpie marker or just some stickers have your child decorate their lightsaber hilts. My kids were just way to eager to wait to do this step and ran off to the back yard to battle each other. If we have a rainy day where we are stuck inside I plan on letting them decorate their saber hilts then. Until then they don't seem to care one way or the other.

Step Four

Send the kids outside to try them out. My kids sometimes try to sneak them in the house to play, but while they are soft and won't injure your kids, they can still do a lot of damage to your nick knacks and other breakables.

Have fun!

Check out these other cool crafts you can do with pool noodles!

After doing this first pool noodle craft I can't wait to try some of these other crafts I found using pool noodles. If you know of a cool pool noodle craft feel free to let us know in the guest book. My kids and I love trying new crafts!

Lightsaber Color Poll! - My dollar store only had three color choices, but I would have picked purple if they had it!

What color lightsaber would you choose?

See results

I would love to hear your feedback! - Do you have a pool noodle craft you love? Let us know!

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    • JuneNash profile image

      June Nash 

      5 years ago

      Super cool! soft enough not to hurt anything or anyone. Great idea!

    • JackieBlock profile imageAUTHOR

      Jackie Block 

      5 years ago from SE Michigan

      @GrammieOlivia: Thanks! My kids agree with you 100%!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great idea, pool noodles are so much fun to play with in or out of the pool!


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