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Slice Digital Designer Review

Updated on May 11, 2011
Slice Digital Designer
Slice Digital Designer

Slice Digital Cutter Machine

The Slice Digital Cutter Machine is one of the coolest craft tools I've seen in a long time. I've never been so inspired to create new crafts projects or embellish what I've done in the past, but I'm a lazy person when it comes to following through.

But, my daughter goes to an after school arts and crafts program and they the Slice Digital Designer and I love talking to the teacher about it. My kid brings home great stuff and gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction from the fact her projects turn out so well. There used to be a lot of frustration on her part because things never looked as she imagined they would. But with this little tool and the guidance of her teachers, things are looking great.

I myself never imagined that all the really amazing projects were due to The Slice Digital Designer. I just thought they had a lot of little accessories from craft stores laying around. You'd be surprised what this little machine can do.

I'm certainly no crafting expert but it seems to me that the Slice is a pretty complete design tool. I will admit that I have never had a turn on it because how can you ask a bunch of little kids who wait all day to use this thing to step aside so you can try to make something. But it amazes me how easily the kids take to it. Most range from about 7 to 12 in this program and I see a lot of the bigger kids helping the smaller ones.

One of the really neat features is that the Slice Digital Designer goes around the room to different tables because it's cordless. This way the teachers can keep control of the little mob which would crowd around the Slice Station. Instead, the kids either prepare or complete projects while they either wait or finish with the Slice and calmness prevails.

I don't know if a cordless digital cutter machine makes that big of a deal but it appears to be pretty helpful in a classroom situation.

The Slice Digital Designer

So know you see that I'm completely enthusiastic about the Slice Digital Designer but what exactly is it? I'm glad I asked.

The Slice is a 3 in 1 craft design tool that cuts, embosses and draws. It's pretty hard to believe that it can do all that because it's very compact. I think the really neat part is the drawing because it really allows kids, and even adults, to get really creative and not be limited to working with stencils all the time. For the most part with the Slice you just choose a design, size it and slice it.

These are of course the designs which come with the machine but there are tons of things to choose from each design card that comes with the Slice. You just pop the cards in like a little Zip drive. Remember since this is tiny and portable, you don't run paper through it.  You can cut through a variety of materials by placing the Slice directly onto your fabric, card stock or whatever you are using.

Take a look at the Slice Digital Designer Commercial so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. You're going to be really impressed and surprised by this little thing

Slice Digital Designer Commercial

Slice Digital Design is Awesome

Isn't the Slice Digital awesome? This proves you don't have to learn to be a great artist, you just need to learn how to use the slice. That's what I like about this thing because it really helps kids who struggle with arts and crafts a real sense of pride. There's no longer really the "good" kids in the class and my kid isn't ashamed of her work.

Now, before you get to excited about the $14.95 risk free trial, keep in mind that the slice digital cutter machine actually costs another $199.95 after the trial period is up should you decide to keep it. The price is broken down into three payments of $66.95. I wanted to point this out so there is no deception.

It's not that expensive if you're a crafter and the bonus accessories make it a very attractive offer but don't think you get this thing for $14.95. It's a pretty serious tool and other products which do similar things sell for a lot more. So watch all the videos and read the FAQ's on the site when you Buy Slice Digital Designer.

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Slice Digital CutterSlice Digital Free TrialSlice Digital DesignSlice Digital Designer Accessories
Slice Digital Cutter
Slice Digital Cutter
Slice Digital Free Trial
Slice Digital Free Trial
Slice Digital Design
Slice Digital Design
Slice Digital Designer Accessories
Slice Digital Designer Accessories

Buy Slice Digital Design Cutter

If you want to try out or Buy the Slice Digital Design Cutter here's what you can expect in the offer.

The Slice Cordless 3-in-1 Digital Designer machine with power cord adapter, one Slice design card with the Basic #1 booklet, which includes three alphabets, tag, button and geometric shapes, and several full words, a 6 x 6 inch glass cutting mat with ¼ inch printed grid markings, five replacement blades with tool, repositionable tacky adhesive and foam brush and user-friendly manual.
Also included are multiple free gifts such as repositionable tacky adhesive, foam brush applicator, spatula tool, five replacement blades, 12 project recipe cards and a 20-pack of assorted 8 x 8 inch paper.


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      ndranchwife 8 years ago

      Glad I came across your hub! I keep toying with the idea of buying one of these, this has been a good info source.