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Textile & Fashion Industry

Updated on September 7, 2020

Textile & Fashion Industry

Assess the importance of clothing by the fact that clothing reflects your personality and being educated and polite. Whether it is an office dress or a simple plain dress, the trim and stitching should be so elegant that the viewers cannot help but admire it. The importance of sewing, fitting, and design in any style of clothing (shalwar kameez, pants shirt, etc.) cannot be underestimated.

Our textile and garment industry is all about fashion designing. Due to its unique designs, the Pakistani fashion industry is being talked about all over the world. Now American and European women are also adopting the shalwar kameez as a comfortable outfit. British Princess Kate Middleton also preferred to wear Pakistani clothes during her visit last year and all the clothes fit her well.

The work of fashion designers

Fashion designing is the art of applying aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and accessories. It is influenced by weather, culture, and social attitudes, which is why fashion trends change from time to time. Fashion designers work in a variety of ways, taking full care of clothing and accessories.

Designers also have to pay special attention to changes in consumer tastes in order to introduce clothing to the market. Fashion designers can work full time for a fashion house, such as in-house designers, whether they work alone or as a team. Freelance designers sell their designs to fashion houses, shops, or clothing manufacturers, working as individuals. Some fashion designers create their own labels, under which their designs are marketed.

Favorite department of Pakistani women

Although we have many fashion brands, the aesthetic color in this field is done by girls and women. In the traditional society of Pakistan, the same woman is called Sughar, who knows how to sew and embroider. Now many women are getting jobs online by sewing and embroidering at home. There is a huge demand for Pakistani skilled women's clothing in the international market, so a career in fashion designing can be considered a guarantee of a secure job.

Fashion designing education and training

Fashion designing in Pakistan is taught at the college and university level and many educational institutions are known as fashion designing where students interested in the field, including diplomas and short courses, get associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees. Can do All modern stages of education and training in fashion designing are part of the curriculum of Pakistani schools.

Here you can also complete a degree in the fashion business, paving the way for growth by presenting a critical overview of business planning, sales, consumer behavior, and market trends. Students can also gain experience by volunteering at any fashion designer's internship or fashion house.

Creativity and artistic skills

Are you famous for your artistic talents? Do you love fine arts Creativity is a must if you want to make a name for yourself in the fashion world? Your artistic mind and imagination can provide the tools needed to transform an ordinary piece of clothing into art.

Excellent drawing ability

If you have artistic intelligence and have access to drawing, you can make a fashion designing career. If this ability is lacking then a short course of sketch designing of clothes can also be done.

Teamwork, relationships, and business sense

In today's complex world, working as a team requires the advice of others, whether it's designing jewelry, cutting footwear, and dressing. You need to share your ideas with colleagues and encourage them to get involved in the creative process.

Not only that, but you also have to increase the number of contacts you have to sell your apparel and convince the prospective buyer how unique your design is to others, then you can showcase your creativity in the competitive market.

Observation and observation

If you have a keen eye and know-how to scrutinize things, you can be sure that your bright eyes and keen eyes can show individual excellence in fashion designing. Fashion designers not only need to be good artists but also have a keen eye for detail.

You may not be good at visualizing and drawing, but you should still be able to take care of the full details and intricate details of the dress. The best fashion designers have the amazing ability to evaluate the texture of fabric before cutting it.


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