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The great journey of Artists into Eternity

Updated on September 15, 2014

What is really an Artist?

Note from the author: the following article has been published on the CONTEMPORARY LITERARY HORIZON MAGAZINE -2008-All rights are reserved.

Essentially artists, these charismatic humans inherited by this inner life of delicate art are obviously controversial beings.

Many artists who belong to this particular category develop from early days a singular behaviour entirely related to the environment in which they have been raised.

The child - artist from the early years of his life creates inner myths and fiction stories conjuring up his own realities, because in certainty "material reality" hurts.

He experiences an unique conflict between conscious and subconscious world, which usually are denatured by various emotional intensities to an invisible impulse for creation.

Probably the subconscious, which operates as storage has the ability to transform materialistic "utopia" to a force that exists so that creates new realities. Through this way each artist is a unique visionary, who deliberately or not creates worlds through which billions of citizens take their course.

An artist according to Haanel's book "The Master Key System" is a pioneer, because his Creative Thought is a spiritual process.

However vision and fantasy precedes the action and the event.

Pioneer artists are mostly not compatible with the monolithic culture of entropy in each society, that is unable to distinguish on artist's facet the values and ideals merely forgotten.

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Is Artist's creativity still a challenge for the System?

Similarly this society itself can not comprehend the boldness and originality of artists who openly express their beliefs, often with great risk.

The main cause is the non- acceptance of the basic truth that the adopted way of thinking is but outdated and must be replaced by new patterns , new ways , more mature and creative than old ones.

Artist's creativity, however enlightened, is still remaining a challenge for the System.

Dilemma begins when an artist along this creative course meets a crossroad.

On one hand resides the Source of Life (Inspiration) and the other hand the insidious, but attractive form of ravenous beast of Publicity.

A beast, if not arranged to master on time and transform it into creative rush associated to Higher Good , will take him to misleading paths and will end up alone if front of the pawn , voracious eyes of the world.

We have already noticed various examples around the Globe.

The artist who acts in a mature way has to educate his mind so that it should be fed by the source of life and consequently leave behind signs assisting his fellows in order to be lead into lightened roads.

He operates as a guide opening gates to other fellows along this great journey, and accordingly his name will be connected to Eternity as a bright star on the etheric bound of human being.

We are all Powerful Creators

Everyone potentially is an entity with artistic properties, Creators of our Destiny.

While we derive from the Primary Source,our God, we are Creators in our turn.

Suffice to admit that we should comprehend our worth and potential in an evolving Universe, in such a way that everything being created by us has to compete with values and laws.

Those laws always existed, exist and will exist, because they are Universal Laws, unchanged and thus powerful.

"A man might frame and let loose a star, to roll in its orbit, and yet not have done so memorable a thing before God as he who lets a golden-orbed thought to roll through the generations of time."

H. W. Beecher

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