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Thread Snips, My Favorite Sewing Tool

Updated on December 15, 2015

Dear thread snips,

We've been working together for nearly eight years. It's been a special time, and I just wanted to let you know that I can't live (or work) without you. Whenever I'm sewing, whenever I'm quilting and whenever I'm snipping threads out of the vacuum beater brushes, you're there for me . . . although there were times when we were separated by piles of fabric and craft supplies. There are also a few times when you were incapacitated after I dropped you on the floor and dislodged your springs, but that was my fault, not yours.

After all of this time, I must admit, that it was fate and fortune that brought us together, plus a little help from my dear hubby, who coincidentally I also cannot live without. After all, he was the one who picked you out and put that cheap Wal-Mart sewing kit in my stocking so many years ago. We've been through a lot. Sewing countless projects and many quilts. I'm proud to say that I keep my thread snips close to my heart, on a neck lanyard for people who lose things or can't bear to be separated from their thread snips. And you know what, you've never let me down. You've always been sharp, fast and precise. I've even had an affair with micro-tip embroidery scissors, which quickly ended after I nipped the fabric that I didn't want to cut. That's something you would never do! Even the lovely Professor Kenneth King recommends you as an essential sewing tool. I have to say that I agree. You, my dear thread snips, are the only thread cutting tool for me.



Thread snips come in several styles and are manufactured by a number of brands, including Fiskars, Gingher, Heimerdinger and others. Aside from the Gingher thread nippers featured above, here are a few of my favorite thread snips, plus a handy lanyard to keep them within reach.

5 pcs Black Clasp Neck Strap Band Lanyard For ID card, badge, Factory worker, Students, office worker, etc
5 pcs Black Clasp Neck Strap Band Lanyard For ID card, badge, Factory worker, Students, office worker, etc
This is the ultimate accessory for thread snips. I was so tired of constantly losing my thread snips. In my studio, this tool is like an extension of my body. Scissors just aren't as comfortable. When I lose my snips, I feel like I've lost a limb. Now, I just wear them and use the lanyard to hang them up for storage as well.

If you can't see why I love thread snips, here are are few of their many uses.

  • Snip thread tails when you start and stop sewing.
  • Cut apart patchwork blocks that have been string-pieced for speed.
  • Remove thread tails quickly without cutting the fabric.
  • Use to clip threads after winding bobbins.
  • Use for hand sewing or embroidery.
  • Snips can also be used to clip and prune herbs and plants.
  • Remove threads, long hair and other debris that gets wrapped around the vacuum cleaner beater.

I'm sure there are plenty of other applications too!

ThreadBanger presents cutting tools 101 and recommendations from the sewing master Kenneth King.

What's Your Favoriate Method for Sniping Those Threads?

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