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Too Wise

Updated on August 30, 2013

Too Wise design for mural, sculpture or logo

Too Wise is an original design by Bob Druwing, which was first crafted in pen and ink on paper with a sculpture in mind.

Other than the picture seen here, it existed briefly in mural form on a wall in the forth floor hallway of Wheeler dormitory at Umass, Amherst, to the left of the door to room 407 (see below).

Now it is available to everyone in two variations on products from mugs to calendars, from key chains to posters. You can order them below.

Too Wise design for sculpture

Wouldn't you like to have it on YOUR front lawn or desk?

Too Wise was originally envisioned as a sculpture and it could, in theory, be constructed out of any material and be any size. Perhaps you'd like it as a pendant in fine gold and platinum, a glass desktop sculpture or a twelve foot high stainless steel and titanium structure out on your lawn.

If interested, you can leave a message below in the guestbook or contact Bob Druwing via his website. The link is right below. Everything is negotiable (except true love).

Please, see the CafePress and Zazzle modules below for products featuring the Too Wise and Neon Too Wise logos.

Bob Druwing is the copyright owner of Too Wise.

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      anonymous 9 years ago

      nice lens..its very interesting..keep up the good work..

      5*from me..