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Types of Jewelry Clasps

Updated on August 29, 2013

Popular Basic Jewelry Clasps

Knowing your basic range of the most ever green, most popular types of jewelry clasps can open ways to hook up your groovy jewelry pieces.

Here then are some of the most common, most popular types of jewelry clasps. Pictures and descriptions on each for a introductory, fun look into the world of jewelry fasteners.

Why Use Jewelry Clasps?

Clasps can be so Beautiful!

Jewelry clasps are one of the most essential jewelry findings you will need and use in jewelry making. They are used to connect and join bracelets, anklets, necklaces, cuffs, and even belts.

More and more these days, jewelry clasps are not just seen as a functional part of your jewelry. Artisans are increasing using beautifully crafted jewelry clasps as an integral part of their creative jewelry pieces; sometimes even as the most eye-catching focal point.

Everyday, specialist jewelry supplies companies are offering new and spectacularly designed jewelry clasps. So it is impossible to even attempt to catalogue a comprehensive range of the types of jewelry fasteners available.

Rather, we will concentrate on some of the most enduring types of jewelry fasteners employed today.

A Quick Peek into Jewelry Clasps

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Spring Ring ClaspsSlide Lock ClaspToggle ClaspMagnetic ClaspsLobster/Parrot ClaspS Hook ClaspBox ClaspHook & Eye Clasp
Spring Ring Clasps
Spring Ring Clasps
Slide Lock Clasp
Slide Lock Clasp
Toggle Clasp
Toggle Clasp
Magnetic Clasps
Magnetic Clasps
Lobster/Parrot Clasp
Lobster/Parrot Clasp
S Hook Clasp
S Hook Clasp
Box Clasp
Box Clasp
Hook & Eye Clasp
Hook & Eye Clasp
Box Clasp
Box Clasp

Box Clasps

The box clasp is made up of 2 parts: a housing or box at one end; a "tongue" on the other.

The housing or box part has a notched, grooved opening. The "tongue" part slides into this to join the jewelry ends together.

The "tongue" section is made of a strong, folded piece of metal which has an inherent tendency to spring apart. It is this tendency that holds the clasp closed when the tongue is in the groove section.

Hook and Eye Clasp
Hook and Eye Clasp

Hook Eye Clasp

This is a very traditional, simple, and useful form of jewelry clasp. The hook and eye clasp normally consist of one part hook, one part eye. The clasp works by putting the hook section into the eye section.

In the photo shown here, the eye section represents an "8" shape. It can be any shape as long as it forms a loop of some kind for the hook to fit into.

You can easily make a hook & eye clasp. Just make sure that the wire is thick and strong enough so that it will not lose its shape during wear.

Hook & eye clasps can be used on single as well as multi-strand jewelry pieces. They are more suitable for the heavier pieces of jewelry than for jewelry that is too light. It is the weight at each side of the clasp that will ensure it remains closed during movement and wear.

Parrot Clasp
Parrot Clasp

Parrot Clasp

The parrot clasp is also known as Lobster clasp. This is a recommended clasp, especially for jewelry pieces that need more security and/or have more weight.

The parrot clasp has an inner spring mechanism. Pulling the little trigger arm will cause the clasp to open. Letting go of the trigger arm will automatically close the clasp. The trigger mechanism ensures the clasp is always closed during wear.

Parrot clasps are very popular and very easy to use. They come in all types of materials (from plastic to metals). They come in all types of platings, colors, and sizes. And there is an unending new range of shapes and decorative designs.

Parrot Clasps in Use

Parrot clasps are widely used to hang charms and sparkly dangles. Here are some illustrations and uses of the parrot clasp. As you can see, you can get these clasps in various colors/platings.

Magnetic Clasps
Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are more of a modern invention - and a very popular one.

They are very easy to put on and take off. They are especially great for people with arthritis and/or for the elderly. No more fumbling with tiny bits trying to put on your jewelry.

They are so popular that there is now a whole range of magnetic clasps. They vary in magnetic strength, sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

However please note that magnetic clasps should be kept away from equipment (e.g. monitor screens) that may be affected by strong magnetic fields. They are also not suitable for pregnant women and people who use pacemakers.

Additonally, make sure that if your jewelry piece is a bit on the heavier side, that the magnet in the clasp is strong enough to hold the piece closed during active wear.

Variety of Magnetic Clasps Available

Have a look at some of the various magnetic clasps available today. To increase the safety of magnetic clasps, there are even magnetic fasteners that come with safety chains.

Slide Lock Clasp
Slide Lock Clasp

Tube Bar Clasp

Ideal for multi-strand and flat wide jewelry

The Tube Bar Clasp is also know as the Slide Lock Clasp.

That is because one side slides into the other, and locks. One part of the clasp consist of a hollow tube which has an open groove. The other part slides into this hollow tube along the groove.

This is one of my favourite clasp, especially for flat, cuff bracelets. Now I love it even more as they are available in magnetic form. It is a strangely satisfying feeling when the clasp slides in and magnetically locks!

Slide Lock Clasps for You - Slide in & Lock!

Here is a small range of the lovely slide locks clasps, in a variety of materials and finishes.

Toggle Clasp
Toggle Clasp

Toggle Clasps

Toggle clasps are both classical and modern. They have been around for a very long time and their popularity continues unabated.

The toggle clasps basically consist of one "hole" or loop section and the other part is generally referred to as the T-bar. This is despite the modern toggle sporting T-bars that are curved and multi-shaped.

Many jewelry artists even produce their own beaded toggle clasps and they are quite remarkable to behold.

Toggle clasps work exceptionally well as necklace clasps.

When buying toggles, make sure that the T-bar is short enough to easily fit into the "hole" section yet long enough that they will not slip out during normal wear. This is especially vital when buying small toggle clasps.

The Beauty of Toggle Clasps

Have a look at this small selection of toggle clasps. They come in different shapes, materials. They also come with multi-loops to facilitate multi-strand jewelry. You gotta love it! Toggle on!!!

Summary - but it ain't the End ....

Jewelry Clasps
Jewelry Clasps

This is but a very short listing of the very many types of jewelry clasps out there. They are out there, waiting eagerly for you. Clasps are truly amazing. They are so essential and increasingly beautiful.

Come on By!

If you enjoyed this little article, come on by for more Jewelry & Craft information as well as Free Patterns:

We all have our favourite jewelry clasps. And some of us use them in the most unusual places. Please share! Your tips, experience, and advice is always appreciated .. and I bet, quite funky!

What's Your Favourite Clasp? - or is there one you just hate?

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    • helenalim lm profile imageAUTHOR

      helenalim lm 

      4 years ago

      @ultrasevenzero: Hi there ultrasevenzero. Thanks so much for your comments and advice re the video. Will have to get into that this year :D Glad you enjoyed the article on the jewelry clasps. My apologies for the slow response. Have been "homeless" for the last 4+ months and been hard getting connected etc. Thanks for dropping by :D

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hei! helena that was amazing article you have here about jewelry clasp. Good explanation. You should put some video for more attraction. ;)

    • helenalim lm profile imageAUTHOR

      helenalim lm 

      5 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Hi Susan, thanks for dropping by. Yes indeed, magnetic clasps are great. And they can be very beautiful as well.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Cool! Great explanations of clasps. I don't wear much jewelry, but what I like is anything that I can clasp by myself, without help. Sounds like I should look for magnetic clasps.


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