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Vampire Face Paint and Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Updated on September 9, 2014

Vampire Face Paint and Vampiress Makeup Ideas

Vampires are always a hot trend at Halloween, and face paint is the perfect way to complete your Halloween costume. Now, if you're going to be a vampire, you have two ways to make this look work. There is the traditional look achieved with face paint, which is ideal for kids and for getting that classic Dracula look, and also for creating an eye-catching modern vampire. And there is the vampiress makeup which can be achieved without face paint at all, using regular store bought makeup.

Whichever one you choose, you'll find vampire makuep ideas here for both the dramatic Dracula type and the seductive vampiress. Happy Halloween!

Traditional Vampire / Count Dracula

Classic Dracula Face Paint - Simple Vampire Face Painting -- Ideal for Kids

OK, let's start with the classic vampire face paint look. This is perfect for kids who want a dramatic and fun face painting, or for adults who are not interested in being Twilight cast lookalikes and just want to have a traditional Halloween look. It also has the advantage of being quite an easy face painting for Halloween since you only need 2 colors of face paint... and it doesn't get any simpler than that!

This speed face painting video is by Nekol2689 and is fun to watch.

Step by Step Face Painting Instructions for Classic Vampire

How to Paint a Traditional Vampire Face on a Kid or Yourself

You can pause the video as required, but I've added some written tips to help you achieve the classic vampire face paint look.

Step 1:

With a face painting sponge, dab white face paint over your entire face including lips and eye area.

Step 2:

Sponge on black face paint in eye sockets, darker over eyelids and smudged around edges.

Step 3:

Smudge black face paint on either side of face from below cheekbone down to jaw. Lightly pat more black face paint over lips to turn them gray.

Step 4:

Enlarge eye sockets with light application of black face paint around edges.

Step 5:

Using black face paint on a brush, paint eyebrows using thick wiggly line from own inner eyebrow up to forehead.

Step 6:

Using white face paint on a brush, paint on two pointed fangs at corners of lower lip.

Step 7:

Using red paint on a brush, underline the eyes and outline fangs. Add a few spots of dripping blood from the fangs!

Step 8:

Highlight eyebrows with white face paint on brush.

Your Vampire face paint is complete. Go scare the neighborhood!

Get the Classic Dracula Look!

Vampire face paint is couldn't be easier with this all-in-one face painting kit.

It includes safe, non-toxic face paints, fake blood gel, applicators, and eyeliner. Plus you get step by step picture instructions for creating your vampire makeup.

Dramatic and Modern Vampire

Dramatic Vampire / Vampiress Makeup - Vampire Face Paint for Making an Impression

This is the kind of vampire face paint you need for after-dark or low-lighting parties, where more subtle makeup could be mistaken for a normal clubbing look! Again, it has the advantage of using simple face painting techniques and just 3 colors.

This video by dope2111 talks you though each and every step, making this a great one to follow along with.

Snazaroo Face Paint - Used for Vampire face painting video above

Ellie uses Snazaroo white, black and sparkle red face paint to create the dramatic vampire look above.

Snazaroo are one of the most popular brands of face paint and are safe for all the family. They wash off with soap and water.

Twilight-Inspired Male Vampire

Sexy Boyfriend / Husband Vampire Face Paint - Be the Vampire all the Girls are Dying to Meet....

So you've talked your boyfriend or husband into wearing a sexy Vampire face paint look this Halloween? Congratulations -- that's the difficult bit over!

Face painter MJ and her boyfriend will show you how to transform your man (or yourself) into a delicious Edward Cullen ~ Twilight-inspired vampire.

Seductive Vampiress Makeup

Seductive Vampiress Makeup - Halloween Makeup for Vampire Girls

Here's the seductive vampiress makeup for all the girls and women out there who love the sultry and alluring vampire look.

As you will imagine, there are are a lot of these vampire makeup videos for women. I've done the hard work of watching them and have chosen 5 of the best vampiress makeup vids here.

All of them are excellent and give a similar look with some differences in the details. The first one is by Michelle Phan who has some awesome makeup video tutorials. She includes clear instructions too.

The second look, by MissChievous is also very clearly explained and does not use contact lenses but has some dramatic eye makeup. She's another of my favorite video makeup artists and has some wonderful Halloween face painting ideas on her channel.

The others I've added for variety. The 3rd video has stunning Vampiress makeup but is only available right now in Italian. Use it for inspiration if you don't speak the language.

The 4th video is a speed face painting and a good alternative if you want dramatic dark vampire eyes, not red.

The final video, Bride of Dracula, is at normal speed with each step shown in written prompts. It's a beautiful deathly look that would also work (minus fangs!) for a Morticia Addams Halloween costume

Are you going to be a Vampire or Vampiress this Halloween? - I hope you were inspired by this Vampire face paint and makeup!

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    anonymous 5 years ago

    really vampires are cool

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    Spiderlily321 5 years ago

    great job. Featured on my creepy makeup ideas for halloween lens. Thanks for sharing this!

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  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

    Well of course this is fabulous! Halloween would simply not be perfect without our awesome vampires and I am certain I know of at least one who will appreciate your instructions this year :)

  • newbizmau profile image

    Maurice Glaude 5 years ago from Mobile, AL

    I think I'll just wear the tee shirt.

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    thesuccess2 6 years ago

    Always fascinated by vampires

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    sans300 6 years ago

    Took some tips from here. Thanks.

  • WildFacesGallery profile image

    Mona 6 years ago from Iowa

    The blood stained shoes are very cool for Halloween. :0 What fun.

  • mermaidlife profile image

    mermaidlife 6 years ago

    You're right tango is really the best vampire dance. It matches them perfectly.

  • profile image

    Brandon_G 6 years ago

    Awesome lens

  • KathyMcGraw2 profile image

    Kathy McGraw 7 years ago from California

    This is an excellent resource for Halloween Face painting....I can just see some of the trick or treaters coming to my door with these face painting ideas :) Fun and Useful...good job blessed by an Angel :)

  • missbat profile image

    missbat 7 years ago

    You've got some really fantastic face painting tips! Great job!

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @Lou165: Thanks Lou, I thought the directions might help where the videos don't have narration. Appreciate you stopping by!

  • Lou165 profile image

    Lou165 7 years ago from Australia

    What a fun lens, I love how you've also added directions to go along with one of your videos.

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @Gamganny: Thanks, I think vampire face paint is a lot of fun! Hope you'll give it a go. :)

  • Gamganny profile image

    Gamganny 7 years ago

    Great Lens with lots of info about vampire face painting. The videos are awesome!

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @justholidays: Thank you for the compliment, coming from you it always means so much.

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @Sylvestermouse: The Vampiress / Countess Dracula costumes are quite something, aren't they? I can't decide which I love the best!

  • justholidays profile image

    justholidays 7 years ago

    It seems that you're becoming the Halloween makeup Queen! Love these vampire face paint examples and instructions! This deserves a high mark! It's a high quality lens; which includes all that people enjoy: details, products, videos, tutorial... Excellent!

  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

    Ah, man, I know this is about face painting and I am properly impressed by the seductive vampiress, but those vampiress costumes are well, to die for! For many years my husband and I hosted Halloween parties as Count and Countess Dracula. Your costumes make me what to revisit those old preferences.

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @LotusMalas: Ooh I hope I convinced you to be a Vampiress this year.. :) Thanks for visiting!

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @dandan594 lm: Thanks Dandan, glad you enjoyed all these vampires!

  • LotusMalas profile image

    LotusMalas 7 years ago

    This is a fun lens - I'm thinking about Halloween costumes now! :-)

  • dandan594 lm profile image

    dandan594 lm 7 years ago

    This is a great lens and has given me some great advice on creating that perfect vampire look.