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No principle is the best Principle.

Updated on May 12, 2009


Principles, as everybody think, even though subconciously they get sprouted in mind, the consciousness shows some cognigent reflexes depending on the kind of motivation behind the principle. So we hesitatingly orient ourselves to the persisting beliefs and common results of wel- being. Do we give enough space to our mind to explore the self of it, do we blindly sway with the power of omnipotent mind to take it's stance, or we guide the most sublime part of our soul with the driving force led by some superficial sense gratification of our mental innocuousness.

So come the principles in disguise as the guiding principle of our career, motivation, entertainment and the rest of the world. Gradually we become so aware to these principles in daily life we enthroned them to be the suo moto of our life instinct and to believe on them as the immediate deus ex machina of our need.


Imagery at its best.
Imagery at its best.


So here we go. Is there anything really void. Since Einsteinian times we are gifted with some sort of mental assurance, even though invisible to common eyes,to believe about some quarz and quantas to model the whole world with conspicuous non-void members. The drifting of absolute Spriritual energy find its path through the simillarly existing celestial space, though not void.

Do we ever try to fill the void, to led by some void instinct, to challenge the void created within our mind, in retrospect to the surrounding circumstance. But we always like to retrench ourselves never instead loosen our belts. Let's sometime entrench our immobile body to the vigor of our absence mind and follow the path as directed.

If you can feel the void , land urself within a land of unprovocative void instinct, power of void will empower all subsistence of diversity and unite them into the path of zero, from which are created all principles.


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