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Washable Fingerpaint-an Expressive Learning Experience for Kids

Updated on September 10, 2022

Finger Paint Jars

Fingerpainting and The Benefits

  1. My students loved to finger paint, and there are many benefits to the activity. Kids love to be messy and although this is not something most adults like finger paint is an expressive form of art and an important part of development. I start my finger painting sessions in my classroom by first wetting the table and sticking the paper on the surface to prevent movement while painting. The sensory benefits of sight, sound, touch, and smell aid in the development of eye-hand coordination. Any lesson that affects all or most of the senses improves the child's development and growth. It strengthens the muscles of the hands and finger and promotes fine motor skills.
  2. Finger painting is the first step in painting for young children who are unable to hold and control a paint brush. Sometimes I like to let the kids use the finger paints on the floor to aid in the development of the large muscles and to develop and improve balance. It can be used on a tile or concrete floor with wet paper, and the child is allowed to scoot around the ground and manipulate the paint using the large movement of the entire body.
  3. When I used finger paint with my students, I had them wear paint smocks over their clothing to prevent staining their clothing. It is critical that children be allowed to be messy since it improves their awareness of their bodies and connects them with the world. I always knew that when my students were allowed to paint without restrictions from an adult, they grew in their awareness of their surroundings.
  4. My suggestion to all parents and educators is to let children express themselves with as many art mediums as possible. Children will learn and develop a better sense of self-expression and how a color change as they are mixed. Itmakes them well adapted to their surrounding and improves child development of the whole child.

Kids Love Finger Painting

How to Finger Paint

Fingerpainting is a very tactile art. You can easily begin by lightly spraying the working surface with a mist of water. This will keep the paper in place and allow the artist the freedom to paint without worry of paper movement.

Start my misting the top surface of the paper. Remember the paper needs to be shiny, so the color does not absorb into it. Place a nickel-sized dab of paint on the paper and allow the painter to move it around the paper with his fingers. Once the color is spread around the entire sheet of paper, you can add another color to the mix. Be careful not to add too many colors as this will create a brown mess on the paper.

Once the artwork in complete you will need to place it flat on a surface to dry. If you have clips or a drying rack these items will also be suitable for drying the artwork.

Finger painting for Everyone

In the distant past, the art of finger painting was widespread in China, Europe, and America. It was rediscovered lately and evolved into one of the favored painting techniques. Today, this art style is practiced by non-expert as well as experienced artists the world over. A period of years back, finger painting methods were used primarily for teaching school children. Thus, it is significant that even proficient artists are curious about this painting technique. This painting style delivers an excellent combination of flexibility and imagination in using paint on the paper/canvas; you may use thumbprints, fingerprints, palm imprints, and even smear different forms (spirals, angles, etc.) with fingers. Therefore, the art of finger painting is not just restricted to kindergartens or classrooms. There is considerably more to this painting, and artists are attempting to explore it.

The shades used for finger painting can be formulated using various materials. Liquid starch, shaving cream, and flour-water combinations are some of the materials used for creating finger paints. Finger painting paints sold in the stores typically come in jars; youngsters find it manageable to use colors from jar-shaped receptacles for smearing with fingers.

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