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Seven Cork Projects

Updated on February 11, 2015

How Corks Are Made

Cork is harvested from trees. The quercus tree is what is most commonly used for the task. Cork is found in the bark of the tree. The tree can not be harvested every year, it takes nearly a ten years after each harvest.

Cork is a long term investment that will not make a profit until after at least 20 years at the bare minimum. You will basically have to have to have your parents plant them the day you are born to have enough to harvest one time in your vary own factory.

Yes, you will need a factory to soften all your sorted bark from your trees that took 20 years or longer to grow. Only, then do you cut them up and you make corks out of them with your special cork machine.

The rest of your cork can be ground up.

Sounds easy, right? If you have the money, space, time and the workers you can make some corks, too.

My advice: Buy your corks from a store. Unless, you already have a factory and the trees. I am just kidding about owing your own factory. It would take lots of time and lots of effort, just to put a cork in one bottle.

Factories that make this cork are found near the Mediterranean Sea. The tree grows with little rainfall.

The Quercus Tree- To grows in hotter climates in large quantities for commercial use.

Images: DChance

1. Make Stamps

You need to draw simple design on the bottom of the cork. With an knife, lightly trace over the drawing. This should create an indentation for later.

Measure how much space you need for the stamp. Then, draw a line in pencil around the stamp. This will be where you cut around the cork. Only make small mark around.

You will need to carve out the design that you picked that is now on the bottom.


Art Knife



This step can be easier, if you cut the bottom off one of your corks. Draw what you want on it. Tape down the parts that you are not cutting, at the time. Then, cut out the drawing you made. Glue the cork onto another cork.

image: DChance

2. Small Plants

Placing a small plant inside your cork is possible.

You cut the center of the cork almost all the way down to the end to put your very small plant inside that has small roots.

You can put this up near in a window. Check the soil every day. This plants don't have much water so they will dry out and die. Fortunately, you can check to see if the soil is dry with your finger.





Art Knife

image: DChance

3. Place Cards

The corks will have to be cut on the bottom so that they don't roll away. Then, cut a slit in the other side downward. Don't split the cork in half.

Now, a place card can be placed inside the slit.



Art Knife

Small Card

Image: DChance

4. Identify Plants

Identify the plant on a peice of paper that can be cut to fit around the cork. Glue it to the cork.

Put a needle in the middle of the cork.

That is it.







Image: DChance

5. Jewelry

There are many websites on how to make jewelry. You can put a piece of cork where a bead should be placed.



Piece of cork

Things to make jewelry

image: DChance

Two Cork Experiments

Ever wanted to get that cork out of that wine bottle? Or, you just wanted to shot it up in the air without hitting anyone?

Here are some experiments that work.





Shot your cork out of a bottle.


Cork can be found at most art supply stores or a store that sells art supplies.

Cork Collection, 16/Pkg
Cork Collection, 16/Pkg

If you don't have corks to spar. You will need to buy them.


How did your project turn out?

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      What innovative ideas you have!