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Updated on April 2, 2016

Vandalized paintings

The blogger Vladimir Umanets (Vladimir Umaniec) signed the Rothko painting "Black with Maroon". I want to start a conversation about what is the use of the Artist work outside of the studio? Is the artist in position to predict what would happen in front of his work? Should he have the intention to lead and predict the reactions of the future viewers and should or does he have the tools to hold back to future misinterpretations of the work. Is Art finally the disadvantage of the Artist. Should Artists finally stop creating objects? Is the internet a safer place to show your work?

Discriminated Symbols

I studied at Bezalel Academy. My teacher Zvi Goldstein at the first year after showing us all the history of Art after the minimalist period presented his own work. We saw the "Adventure of the black square". I saw in these works the flag of the third Reich and it was so obvious that I thought what a risk would I take similarly to Zvi Goldstein if I did a painting that would be the third reich flag without the swastika? I have been thinking for a long time who would be my collectors and what use are they going to make of my work? I think that I am confident that going backward and creating something one step before incomplete is the perfect excuse to give a ready made version avoiding making the mistake of me painting like doing propaganda but rather like someone told me to paint like the other people would paint and give them a final state product instead of thinking that I am doing something new. I think a painting has the disadvantage that you leave behind you the remains while you don't know what will be the use of your work. I think there is nothing someone who is an Artist can do about this. Vladimir Umanets used the Seagram murals by Mark Rothko to promote an Art movement called Yellowism and used a spray to sign Rothko painting. I think I will do a painting like this picture I took with the yellow circle in shade in the red background to provoke future fascists to draw a swastika in the circle. I think that the Greek fascist party "Golden Dawn" to whom I am throwing the ball would come at my place which is the state of deciding what to paint and doubt whether to paint the swastika in the middle!

Zvi Goldstein's "Adventure of the Black Square"


Damaged Rothko painting

Reddit Tee-shirt



The distinction between a real Artist and a stupid Artist is the attempt that the Artist is making to do something original. The real Artist is someone who doesn't mislead the meanings of "NEW" and the "REMAKE". I want to make the state that the Nazis where the ones who stole the idea of the circle in a red background and that the forms are Universal while it is up to the Artist to create something unique rather than a replica. It is well known that the swastika is found on Indian paintings and Greek vessels and it is the symbol of the seasons. I disagree with fascism and I want to make a statement about symbolism which makes the difference between ideologies. I did the picture with the yellow circle in the middle and not the Nazi flag. I think that Mark Rothko did the "Black with Maroon" and Vladimir Umanets is just a Vandal who claims the Glory of the Rothko painting who he would be incapable of depicting it's greatness.

Golden Dawn painting



More visible acts of vandalism were premeditated, as the tool of destruction – a knife, paint, acid or hammer – was intentionally brought to the scene. In most cases, the artworks were restored. Restorations were costly and time consuming and in many cases were followed by shielding the artwork from future attacks. I am an artist that tried to involve in my work violence and the concept of making Art. I broke on the first place to a studio and smashed a sledge hammer at the door. This happened in Athens on 2001 . On 2013 as I describe later I immigrated to Israel and continued my career as an anarchist This is how I became a double spy and what this means to use vandalism and anarchy as an Art movement. Morris Ganis: " I want to paint a circle on a red background to describe the desire of Vladimir Umanets to use spray and add his signature at the Rothko painting". As a poll that is giving a multiple choice to the viewers to use a A.SWASTIKA B. THE LETTER A C. THE MERCEDES BENZ STAR .I think it describes very well the three directions of the human race.


What woul you paint in a Circle

See results

The right to declare

Every act is part of the motive of the human being and I declare that I have been used by people of the art world who are ignoring me as an artist and have used my work to promote their own interests. I think this is what Vladimir Umanets did by using spray to sign at the Rothko painting. I want to suggest to a curator to write a biography of my act to mix real life actions and paintings considering that my name is Morris Ganis (I say more is gun ,is...) the diversity between Art and surviving. I know that this involves the ISIS because they treat even antiquities like vandals and humans like animals. I broke into that studio apartment on 2001 a few months before 9/11 and smashed a sledge hammer at the door. I did this because since I didn't go to the Greek army despite I had to do my military service, and I was considered a spy and a stranger. Afterwards people used to avoid me and use me to make their own policies in the Art world. Now I am considered psychotic and I face discrimination and I can't make sales.

Bad attitude

I know this need of so called movements in Art like ISIS that want to destroy heritage.My name is Morris Ganis and I started my career as a modern icon painter.I painted with acrylic on wood as the nowdays Icons are made.When I did my first solo exhibition I wanted to express my regret for making these works and my doubts about my viewers that I had the feeling they didn't admire enough the big effort I did to paint those works.So I used one of the rooms of the Gallery as a Circus where I invited a music group (Ear) to play.I received some comments and distrust from a collector who was willing to present the "CIRCO" at his house.This ended in accusations that I am not doing my work good enough because I used my studio as a headquarter for a burgling attack at the same building where I smashed and broke a sledge hammer at the door of the other studio I broke in.I think that the fact that the sledge hammer got broken is a sign that me holding this hammer as a weapon did a very good job...

Illegal Art

I worked as a "Gun" Artist for my Individual Art ,(my name is Morris Ganis). Besides my great success of the breaking of the sledge Hammer and breaking in that studio at 2001 I have been trained as a hooligan with Aris Thessaloniki fan club.On 2013 I immigrated to Israel where I continued my career and broke twice the window of Givon Art Gallery because she said she doesn't understand my works.Also I broke the window of Gordon Gallery because my professor Larry Abramson was about to have an exhibition the day after.Also I broke many other windows including Bank Hapoalim, Discount Bank and Aroma Coffee.I was enclosed in a psychiatric clinic because I was caught by the Police carrying a knife.I got free after four months beeing obligated to take injections.I didn't receive finally the National Insurance aid although I am cosnsidered a schizofrenic personality because they said that this happened to me in the first time in Greece so I returned to Athens.

Policeman's comment

When I was captured by the police I received a comment by a Policeman that I am doing a very good Job. He was talking that he liked a lot the Mug shot taken at the police department.I believe in my work and the thing is that I am loosing confidence after the medical treatment.I believe at the Laws but the system is using the Laws to oppress the civilians.I am sick of these psychiatrists who insist on the illegalization of cannabis and I believe that partially psychiatric prisoners are in asylum because they can't stay independent.I think that the system is still in it's Middle Ages.I am not ignorant, the doctors are ignorant because they ignore Michel Foucault.


During my stay in Israel I rent an apartment and after I quit work because they didn't pay my full salary (I was working at a painting store) I decided to start throwing stuff out of the window.I threw a microwave oven and then the police came and kicked me out of the apartment not allowing me to gather my things.I stayed out in the streets for about three months (lucky that it was during the summer at Tel Aviv). Then a friend agreed with my family to rent another apartment for me and although I settled down I continued braking windows and targeting shopkeepers that annoyed me like the AM PM supermarkets because they didn't want the bottles in return (a job I was doing to get a few extra cents) for recycling.

Hey Mister I am hungry

When I was living at the streets I used to sit at the table and finish the remains that people left. I used to go a lot at AROMA café at the Tel Aviv port. One day I needed to go to the restroom and one Arab worker yelled at me and told me to go away. I got pissed off and I returned at the café and started throwing stones at the windows. I run and left the area. A few minutes after for bad luck I took off my belt in order to pass it again and then two Arab workers came and we started fighting. I felt down because no belt could hold my trousers and one of them was hitting me in the head while the other hit me with the foot at the side. Then people came and they stop.


Black Egg

When I did this trip back to Tel Aviv I did graphiti .I painted with black spray a black egg and my intension was to draw an Eclipse over a circle to erase the swastika .Below I am possessing a picture of a swastika I saw at a Tel Aviv street.


Breaking the front door of Bezalel Academy

When my friend Eitan Ben Moshe helped me to find me a place to stay I used to go out the nights to Florentine where I spotted a design shop named "Stellios" .I broke the window of this shop around ten times and finally they closed. I did this because I thought that it belonged to a Greek guy and since in my psychosis I thought I was a Mossad agent and the Golden Dawn had taken over Israel while the Army was fighting in the front the Police couldn't manage to prevent crimes against the people of Tel Aviv. I thought that it was a good idea too to break the front door of the Masters degree Building of Bezalel Academy because I had the opinion that Art was misleading the civilians who had to fight for their lives then at the time of the Intelligent Forces occupation of Israel.

Jail Service Wagon


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