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How to Raise Your Own Gruesome Zombie Felties

Updated on November 13, 2015

Gruesome Zombie Felties: Great for Halloween and Other Spooky Occasions

My niece loves zombie felties. She is 10 and intends to make them herself. It is great that she can have that achievement.

Zombie felties are great for Halloween decorations but you don't have to stop there. They are also great if your kids are into Goth or just zombies in general. Zombies are very popular.

You can either buy the book and make them as gifts for phones etc or give the book as a Christmas or birthday present to a crafter looking for simple yet fun ideas for crafting. This is something a little bit different.

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Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead

So just what are Zombie Felties anyway? They are small dolls that have been fashioned from felt. These ones are just Zombies! These 16 projects are quick to make and also don't cost a lot. They give so much pleasure to people who get them as gifts.

There are the usual run of the mill type zombies and then some unusual ones that you can make as well.

Why are Zombie Felties So Great?

  1. You only need very basic skills to sew them so they are great for everyone to do including older kids or people new to crafting.
  2. They are quick to make and you can make one in about an hour which is great as you see the results quickly.
  3. The instructions are easy to follow and they give you a complete list of everything needed to create your very own zombie feltie.
  4. They make great decorations for Halloween but they are also great for other things too. You can use them for puppets or for party favors. They even look great as a mascot for your mobile phone.
  5. They are versatile as they can be made into key-rings or puppets, phone mascots or broaches and even Halloween decorations or Christmas gifts.
  6. These are great for May which is Zombie awareness month - yes really!

Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead

Zombie Feltie Young Children Warning

These are just too scary for very young children and they are not meant for them as they have tiny bits in them. So Please keep away from the younger ones.

Zombie Felties Instructions

The Zombie Felties instructions are simple to follow and clearly laid out. They include everything you need to know to make your own scary zombie figure including showing you the simple stitches used to make the zombies, what felt you need and what other tools you need like stuffing.

You do need sharp scissors so make sure you either supervise children or use the scissors to cut things yourself.

There are also some things for more experienced crafters such as the different techniques like the really pink brains and using white bugle beads for making bones!

Zombie making Tip Cut your zombie design template from either card or plastic then you can reuse it as much as you want to.

Zombie felties

5 stars for Gruesome Felties


Some people don't have very good local supplies. I was like that until a huge new hobby store opened up a few miles away so I know where you are coming from. I have tried to put together some alternatives here where people are having difficulties just in case. Just check they are right for your own zombie project in size and color. You may be able to improvise.

As books are sold worldwide and everyone has different supplies it is impossible for them to cover every aspect of the supplies. Most of the supplies will be available locally to most people but for those that don't have good local stores or have different stores to the author then use of imagination and creativity will be needed like any project. You can adapt your projects to suit your needs whether regardless of the supplies you have.

I paint a lot and never have all the paints the artist uses and always have to get creative which works out for the best as you then have something unique.

Pastel Assorted Acrylic Craft Felt - 50 Sheets
Pastel Assorted Acrylic Craft Felt - 50 Sheets

There are many different size felt packs here some are mixed colors and some are just plain black. You can cut your cloth to your budget (sorry couldn't resist!)


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