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Windmill-Powered Electric Trucks

Updated on July 29, 2010

Windmill-powered elelctric truck with it's windmill extended:

Windmill-powered electric truck with it's windmill retracted:

A group of windmill-powered electric trucks parked with their windmills extended:

An electrically-powered truck can be equipped with a windmill, that is normally carried inside the truck. When the truck is parked, the truck driver pushes a button, and the windmill automatically extends on a telescopic mast. When the windmill has reached full height, the windmill blades automatically unfold. The truck can be parked like this for several hours or several days. Whenever the wind blows, the windmill blades spin, and the windmill produces electricity. The electric power produced by the windmill is stored in the truck's batteries. When the truck's batteries are fully charged, the driver pushes a button, and the windmill folds up and retracts into a storage compartment inside the truck. After the windmill has been stored, the truck is ready to drive.

A fleet of windmill-powered electric trucks would usually be a large fleet. At any given time, they might have fifty trucks on the road, and at the same time, they'd have fifty trucks parked in a parking lot, with their windmills extended, to recharge their batteries. Despite the inconvenience of having to recharge their batteries with windmills, this type of truck will probably put conventional trucks out of business, because their fuel cost is zero, and conventional trucks require expensive fuels such as gasoline. It is most likely that trucking companies that use windmill-powered electric trucks will drive fuel-based trucking companies into bankruptcy, because operators of fuel-powered trucks cannot compete with operators of wind-powered trucks.

A company that uses conventional trucks must pay for gasoline or diesel fuel, while a company that uses windmill-powered electric trucks does not have to buy any fuel of any kind. That means that using windmill-powered electric trucks provides a cost advantage over using fuel-based trucks. Windmill-powered electric trucks do not require fuel, they do not pollute the air, and they do not contribute to global warming.

Invention by Anthony Ratkov. Computer graphic illustrations by Anthony Ratkov. 


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