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10 Things Your Mechanic Does Not Tell You

Updated on June 5, 2020

The mechanic is not going to tell you the best place to repair your vehicle, as everyone considers your workshop a sanctuary as far as car repair is concerned and also does not want to miss the opportunity to do business.

When a car has an irregularity, there are many options as to where drivers can repair it. They can go to the dealer where they purchased it, to the brand representative, to a specialized auto repair shop, or to an independent mechanic or even, in an emergency, to a service station.

The driver must be the first to assess whether the vehicle is in a condition to be repaired, as the value of the repair may be greater than the commercial value of the car and, in such cases, scrap will be the best destination, given reasons to buy a car new.


The mechanic is not going to tell you the best place to repair your vehicle, as everyone considers your workshop a sanctuary as far as car repair is concerned and also does not want to miss the opportunity to do business.


What distinguishes a mechanic from others is the quality of his services, the recognition and notoriety achieved. As such, the certification of the workshop and employees are key words.

When choosing to repair your car at an auto repair shop or an independent mechanic, the driver must pay attention to the certificates that the same repair shop has and whether everything is legal. If they don't comply with the law, how can they comply with the repair of their car?

Mechanical technicians can be specialized in different areas, such as: Brakes, Electrical Systems, Motors, Heating, Air conditioning, Diagnosis and Emission. A good mechanic is one who combines experience with training. More than two years of experience are the basic requirements.

Check with your mechanic about the employee who is going to repair your vehicle and know the areas in which he is certified, so your car will be in good hands.


The additional repairs that a mechanic makes to a given vehicle are one of the main complaints that drivers make to their mechanics.

What may be the cause of an unnecessary repair is the ignorance and lack of knowledge of the mechanic himself who is replacing the parts in order to solve the problem that may be affecting the vehicle. Many of the replaced parts may not be directly related to the problem, however, it is the driver who pays for them. On the other hand, the mechanic himself may be acting in bad faith in order to obtain more gains in the expenses of the drivers.


The driver must be particularly attentive to the work carried out on his vehicle, in order to know if the irregularities remain or if they have already been overcome, as he may be being charged for a service that has not been done. If, after the repair, the car still has the same problem, it means that the difficulty has not been solved and the responsibility must fall on the workshop itself.

If the driver wishes, he can always demand the old parts back. Some workshops have the practice of showing the replaced parts to the driver, which does not invalidate that the parts actually belong to the repaired car.


Getting a second opinion is a must for major repairs and an advantage for all drivers. In a competitive market like this, the competition may have other options that the driver was not aware of and that can make all the difference when deciding.

Be careful with the mechanics who say that it is now too late to get other opinions, as they have already disassembled your car engine or transmission, it could mean that you are hiding something and do not want anyone else to know.


When the time comes to inspect the car and replace a part, the driver can save a lot of money by choosing parts that are in competition. What happens in most cases is that the repair done by the mechanic involves replacing the existing part with a new one and then the costs are higher.

For example, when replacing a bumper, a car scrap may be an alternative to consider, as there are many parts that can be reused.


The automobile market is constantly evolving and new car models are launched every day with the latest technology materials and parts. However, keeping up with new trends is a particular investment, as it is the mechanics themselves who bear these costs. This investment is high and can discourage mechanics from updating themselves, which makes them outdated in time.

However, the mechanic does not say outright to the driver that he is out of date, nor that the car is too developed for his knowledge, as that was a disastrous management policy and would jeopardize his reputation. However, the driver must not adopt a passive and observant attitude and, in case of any doubt, he must collect other opinions.


When taking your car to a mechanic shop, several problems may be affecting your vehicle, for example, your car may need to change the brakes, replace the shock absorbs, or the window is not closing properly, among others. In such cases, the mechanic may suggest that he handles the entire repair himself, however, he may not mention that the work will be charged separately and, as such, the repair will be more expensive. Here, the driver can agree with the mechanic because the mechanic himself may have an associated wholesale discount, which will be more advantageous for the driver, or, if you prefer, take your car to the respective specialist himself.


Guaranteed equipment is always an asset for all consumers. In automobiles, their operation is exactly the same. During the period in which the warranty is in force, the driver may request free repair or replacement of all parts that appear to have an anomaly or manufacturing defect. It should also be noted that the warranty assumes its responsibilities, provided that the irregularity is not attributed to the driver's negligence and / or the misuse of the vehicle.

If the driver still has the car under the factory warranty, he should always leave it at the representative of the brand, as the workmanship is qualified, the auto parts are original and their replacement is free, which allows the driver to save a lot of money.

However, not all drivers know their rights and what the warranty covers and this can be a serious mistake for motorists, as the mechanic may hide this information so that the arrangement is made outside the warranty, therefore, with associated costs.


If the driver feels harmed in any way by a specific auto or mechanic workshop, the driver has means at his disposal that can be used to defend his interests. You can always ask for the complaints book to register your indignation and dissatisfaction with the service provided and then complain to the competent authorities. Thus, the complaint follows the legal procedures and the due responsibilities will be determined. On the other hand, it is a way to help other more naive drivers, as it is defending all drivers in general and preventing that particular mechanic or workshop from continuing with dubious practices.


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