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10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Car

Updated on August 16, 2011

Besides the usual things like a spare tire, a jack and all that comes with, we all need a little more than that stashed away in our cars for either a rainy day (literally), an impromptu road trip, or a traffic jam. There's all sorts of things that can come up while we're in our cars and it never hurts to be prepared for at least some of them.

1. Bottled water (and probably some granola bars) - long drives, hot days stuck in traffic, or when you're just really thirsty and there's nowhere to go to get a drink, you'll be happy you have this in somewhere around. Also, think about the times when you need to rinse something quickly and you can't run into a fast food restaurant bathroom, you'll be glad to have a few 500mL bottles of water lying around.

2. tampons/pads - you can never have too many of these hidden away somewhere. Whether you need them or a friend does, it's good to have them just in case.

3. First Aid Kit - because you can cut your finger or scratch your leg anywhere...

4. magazines and/or books - whether traffic is gridlocked or you're at your doctor's or dentist's and you want something to read and the out of date Parent magazines in their lobbies just don't cut it for you, it's good to have reading material lying around when you want it.

5. Shout! (stain remover) - when you're trying to balance eating and driving drinks tend to splash and spill and food may fall so it's best to have something that will get it out of your clothes before you end up walking around all day like an adult that needs to wear a bib. It's also good to have this if you accidentally got a stain in your clothes before you left your house and you only notice it when you actually get to your destination (or worse, someone else notices before you do). On the go stain removers can be lifesavers sometimes.

6. antibacterial wipes - touching the gas handles at the fill-in stations can get icky sometimes, not to mention touching this and that out in public and then stopping to get something to eat on your way home and eating it in the car. Wipes are a real must have in the car for if anything than to feel better and clean after a day at the supermarket.

7. Extra change of clothes - this may sound childish, but having a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and underwear in the trunk of your car isn't that weird for adults. I know plenty of people that keep extra sneakers in the back of their cars. You may even need to give them to someone else if they're in need.

8. An umbrella - sometimes we forget to check the weather, and other times we end up driving to another city or town not knowing about the freak rainstorm they're going to have while we're there. It's just best to keep one in the backseat.

9. Sunglasses - Not to necessarily look cool, but when the sun is glaring in your eyes and you can't seem to escape it.

10. Spare change - whether it's to feed the meter or get something from a vending machine, it just comes in handy to have an assortment of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies at your disposal.


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