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1991-94 Mercury Capri Alternators: Which One?

Updated on February 23, 2011
Back of a Mitsubishi Alternator
Back of a Mitsubishi Alternator
Bosch alternator
Bosch alternator
back of Bosch alt
back of Bosch alt

If your engine charging light is flickering or staying on as you drive, you should be thinking about getting a new alternator. It usually is not simply a bad connection. The alternator charges your car battery as it uses current. If not fixed, you might have up to an hour of driving if there is no load on it (headlights, heater). Also, your electrical gauge should be reading 14v and not 12v.

The 91-94 Mercury Capri models can confuse its owners because there are two types: a Bosch, with external fans, and Mitsubishi, with no cooling fans visible. The service manual tells you it should be 85 amp and 14 volt output, yet many alternators indicate 70 amp and 12 volts. The rule of thumb is replace it with the same type, however, if you can't, either will work fine but they are not identical. If you have a Bosch type (found on 91 models) and you switch to Mitsubishi, modifications in the wiring and plug are required because the connectors are different. Also, bolts are different in length, so the Bosch bolts may not fit on the Mitsubishi. Both alternators should produce 14 volts despite what the spec indicates. Removing the alternator is best done from under the car.

There are many remanufacturers of alternators for the Mercury Capri. The ones below are the most common. The ones listed are the Bosch type.

AC DELCO 334-1908


AIM AB-00213R

ALLTECH 311-13300


ARC A1881

BECK ARNLEY 186-0520

BEPCO 80-13300

BOSCH 9-120-060-020


BOSTON AUTO 3220-282

COSMOS 10-13300

DELCO REMAN 10463823

DIXIE A-6259


FORD 89JA-10300-AA, E9JY-10346-A




MPA 15625



RAYLOC 13-8353


REMY 14440





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