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2011's Fastest Most Expensive Supercars

Updated on May 21, 2011

The fastest, the coolest and the most completely unaffordable wheels from this year's Geneva Motor Show

Aston Martin Virage (200K)

Not even Jessica Alba could look this goo on all fours, although she might get you across the line just as fast. But she'd have a fight on her dainty hands - packing a handbuilt, six litre V12, the Virage can easily crack 300Kmh, and with 20 inch wheels you will look good doing it.

GTA Spano (750K)

Sadly, just 99 of these beasts will ever be made, making them a true collectors item. More depressing for the more hard up among us is all 99 have been sold. Under the hood there's an 840Hp V10 that'll get you from zero to 100 in under 3 secs. It's even got a panoramic roof, but at 350Kmh you wont see much landscape.

Maserati GranCabrio Sport (TBC)

If you can't get laid in this, then its time to cut your old fella off and top yourself. Sure, it'll only do 0-100 in 5 secs, but who cares? It just looks awesome, it's also got one of the fastest gear changes in the world: 60 milli-secs from woah to go.

Koenigsegg Agera (TBC)

You'll easily do 0-100 in under 3 secs in this. More impressive is that it'll go from 200Kmh to a complete stop in 12 secs. Kinda like my Saturday.

Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition (640K)

Powered by a 4.8 litre V10, the lexus delivers 425 kilowatts into your unworthy, trembling paws. The sprint from 0-100 takes just 3.7 secs, and the top speed in excess of 380Kmh. Boom!

Toyota FT-86 ll (TBC)

This is one's for all those doubting Toyota's eagerness to get back into the sportscar market. It's only a concept, but Toyota insiders reckon it's a goer. And it looks a killer.

Jaguar XKR-S (130K)

The evil looking XKR-S is offically the most powerful production Jag ever concieved. With 405 kW in it's thrumming obsidian guts, this coupe can blast from a dead stop to 100 kmh in just 4.2 secs.

Audi A7 ABT (TBC)

Just when I thought this car couldn't get any more awesome. German sports tuning company ABT got a hold of it, taking it's 180Kw engine up to 221Kw. And i reckon they've tweaked the design to perfection.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 (380K)

You don't want to be driving this baby in a school zone: 0-100 in 2.9 secs and a top speed of over 350Kmh, sure teaches velocity in a lesson.

Pagani Huayra (1.6M)

This 522Kw powered two-seater will do 0-100 in 3.7 secs, no wonder it's named after Huayra-tata an ancient god of wind. It packs a six litre 12 cylinder engine with two turbochargers built by Mercedes-Benz's AMG unit.

PPI Automotive Design's Audi R8 Razor GTR (400K)

It's a faster, harder version of the original PPI Audi R8 Razor with a sports air-filter system and a high performance exhuast. Good for 0-100 in 3.7 secs.


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