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2012 Kia Soul Red Rock Edition Updated Review - A Year and a Half Later

Updated on November 12, 2013

The Good The Bad The Ugly

There's always something that ends up being bad and something ugly that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. As long as those things end on a positive, the good, in most cases far outweigh the bad.

Let's start with I Love My Soul to this day. I wouldn't even consider trading it in, ever.

Reindeer Soul

She's Dressed up in Her Christmas Best!
She's Dressed up in Her Christmas Best!

In order to keep the manufacturer warranty in effect, remember to keep all of your service receipts and follow the manufacturers recommendations for scheduled maintenance.

Basic - 60 months/60,000

Powertrain - 120 months/100,000

The Good

Did I happen to mention that I love my Soul?

Incase you missed that earlier, I do.

The 2012 Kia Soul has thus far been the most dependable car I've ever owned.

We religiously take it in for service every 7500 miles as recommended in the owners manual.

We have had no major mechanical problems since purchasing the Soul.

The Better

The one thing that did bother me is that the Soul was not getting the gas mileage that was expected.

KIA went ahead with something absolutely unheard of, at least in my little corner of my upsidedown world! They released a plan to reimburse current owners for the vehicle not performing as expected with regards to gas mileage. It's an ongoing plan where you can report your mileage as often as you'd like, take the vehicle to a KIA dealer to verify said mileage and then within a few weeks, you receive a prepaid Visa card with the reimbursement money on it!

Nice going KIA!

This year we have an extra $500 to spend on Christmas gifts from this reimbursement program!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The Bad

The bad........ hmmm

Well other than the gas mileage issue, a combination of good & bad we really haven't had many problems with our Kia Soul.

There was a glitch once where the back up camera stayed on when we were driving. Easily remedied by turning the vehicle off and back on and it has never happened again.

We did have to have the drivers seat replaced.

I'm not entirely convinced this was a manufacturer defect and assume it may be related to my husband dancing in the seat to I'm Sexy & I Know It lol (You'd get a little laugh on this if you read my initial review on the 2012 Kia Soul)

There were no issues with having that done since it was under warranty.

The only problem that arose from that situation was that we took it back to the dealer where it was purchased and they gave us the run around about not being able to find the problem with it. It very obviously made noise as you turned and stopped and started, it wasn't one of those little annoying squeaks a car makes, there was noticeably something more wrong.

We took it to another KIA dealer and they ordered the seat and installed a new one. All fixed, no more issues with that!

The Ugly

This has more to do with a particular dealership than with the vehicle itself.

The dealer we purchased the Soul from really does not have a great service department. They're sort of slack-y and their service advisor is plain rude to customers. I work in customer service for a living so I get really pissed when someone is rude for no reason, which this guy *always* is. I'm not sure how he keeps his job quite honestly.

Yes, this is the same dealer we had the seat issue with.

We had some peeling occurring on a plastic cover on the steering wheel soon after purchase.

We took the car in the above mentioned KIA dealer.

They supposedly ordered the part. We waited weeks with no word. Then I called for an update and it seems that KIA shipped the incorrect part from overseas and it had to be re-ordered. Ok fine, I understand that, stuff happens. Why in the world would you not at least call and notify a customer that this occurred after WEEKS of waiting for a part to arrive?

So I called the Kia customer service number to inquire about the part myself, they said they shipped it weeks ago and it had been the correct part. They were very nice, polite, and customer service oriented.

I call back the dealer awhile later, at this point they know I called Kia customer service so they're more rude than normal. Guess what, the part is there in no time and we were scheduled to come in and have it replaced.

We go into the dealer and wait around listening to the rude service advisor continue his rude campaign with any other customer in front of him or on the phone. They're finally done, it's closing time for them, we get into our Soul and leave.

A few miles down the road I notice a few loose screws in the tray above the shifter and asked my husband if those were there previously. He replied no they weren't.

We call, they're closed but say come back in tomorrow and we'll take a look to see what they're from. WHAT THEY'RE FROM? I come in with no loose screws in my vehicle and leave with a few rolling around and you don't know what they're from?

This particular dealer is about 40+ miles from where we live. We did not take the vehicle back there and probably will never do so again. We've taken it to a few other KIA dealers for service and are always treated politely and the work is done correctly the FIRST time.

The Expected

Since we have the 18" low profile tires on our Soul, the cost can be a bit high to replace them. That was expected, just something to keep in mind when selecting the options when purchasing your Soul.

We're at about 35,000 miles (yes, we drive a lot) and it's almost time for brake pad replacement, not quite yet, but we're getting there. Again, something that is normal maintenance for any vehicle.

The Result

I would absolutely recommend purchasing a KIA Soul and I would purchase another in the future with no hesitation!

I still haven't seen a Soul in a better color than the Red Rock special edition 2012.

Obviously there are many of you out there interested in owning KIA Soul. I've met you at the gas station, the grocery store, the library, the doctors office... all wanting to know how I like the vehicle and asking details about driving one :)


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Have really enjoyed reading you Soul reviews, yes a gorgeous color

      Regarding the rude (dishonest) service mgr.; did you ever report him to the owner or manager?


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