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Which 2017 Honda CRV Trim Should You Buy? LX, EX, EX-L, or Touring?

Updated on July 24, 2017
2017 Honda CR-V
2017 Honda CR-V

This article is for those that are deciding to get the 2017 Honda CRV. The question is which trim model as there are four to choose from; those options are:

  1. LX
  2. EX
  3. EX-L
  4. Touring

You can get navigation for an extra $1,000 on the EX-L Trim; however, I would not advise that because you can use Android Auto or Apple Carplay meaning that the navigation on your phone will show up on the CRV’s infotainment screen. Android Auto and Apple Carplay come standard on EX trims and above.

The EX trim is probably the best value as you get a lot of features standard such as:

  • Android Auto and Apple Carplay
  • turbo engine
  • heated seats
  • heated mirrors
  • power driver’s seat
  • smart entry
  • push button start
  • sun roof
  • multi angle rear-view camera
  • electronic ABS brakes
  • two USB ports in the front and back
  • Honda Sensing among other standard features.

Honda Sensing includes a lot of safety technology such as:

  • lane keeping assist
  • lane departure warning
  • road departure migration system
  • collision mitigation braking system
  • forward collision warning
  • adaptive cruise control with low speed follow

These are the main features and other optional safety features may be added on select models. All these features together makes the 2017 CRV somewhat self driving; however, the driver must take the steering wheel when the CRV displays “steering required.”

The EX trim may be the best value overall; however, those that drive a lot or long distances on a normal basis may find the cloth seats in the EX uncomfortable. There have been many complaints from customers that drive an hour or more about the cloth seats being too firm. If you fall into that category, you may want to consider the EX-L model.

The EX-L model features:

  • leather seats
  • leather shift lever
  • leather and heated steering wheel
  • two position driver memory seat

The power lift gate in the back will let you adjust how high you want it to go. The leather seats are way more comfortable compared to the cloth seats.

I personally think that the EX-L would be the best option for those on the road constantly and EX is best for those that normally drive short distances. The EX model is not much more than the LX model and you get way more value in the EX compared to the LX for just a little bit more.

I don’t think the touring model is worth considering in my opinion. Navigation is standard on the touring model; however, the navigation on an Android or Apple phone is more likely to be better and up to date compared to the one Honda gives but even if you really want it, you can get it on the EX-L for $1,000 more which would be cheaper than the touring model. The touring model comes with LED headlights and the other trims come with halogen headlights; however, the halogen headlight housing handles LED headlights so well and flawlessly that you can just replace the halogen light bulb with an LED light bulb. Most halogen headlight housings don’t work well with LED light bulbs; however, the halogen housing on the CRV supports the LED light bulbs perfectly fine. The touring model also features an option to open the lift gate by inserting your foot under it; however, My Honda dealership told me that I can get that added on the EX-L model. Other options on the Touring model includes:

  • roof rails
  • rain sensing windshield wipers
  • premium 9 speaker audio system with HD radio

Considering that I can get most of the options from the touring model on the EX-L with the exceptions of roof rails, rain sensing windshield wipers, and the 9-speaker audio system, I don’t find the Touring to be worth the extra money. The only thing I would really want from the touring model that I could not get on the EX-L is the 9-speaker audio system; however, even that would not be worth all the extra money to me.

If I was tight on money, I would get the EX model but if you can afford the extra $3000, the EX-L model is the way to go. All models have an optional all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive on the 2017 Honda CRV is definitely an improvement over the previous generation; however, if all-wheel drive is your main concern, you might want to consider a Subaru as Subaru is known to have the best all-wheel drive system and comes standard on most of their vehicles. I prefer four wheel drive over all-wheel drive because I can use four wheel drive when I want to, not when my vehicle wants to which on some vehicles will activate when it’s not necessary which wastes gas in the process.

Happy Driving!

Which 2017 CR-V Trim Are You Planning To Buy Or Already Have?

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    • WheelScene profile image

      WheelScene 7 months ago from U.S.A.

      great review of the CRV! Thanks for sharing!