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5 Tips for Avoiding Traffic Tickets

Updated on October 14, 2014
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There is no instance where traffic cops pull you over for a nice conversation,

“Do you know why I pulled you over? Because I truly love your custom painted blue PT Cruiser convertible, that’s why.”

This never happens.

Top Tips for Traffic Tickets

In reality, if you’re being pulled over by a cop it’s because she/he wants to give you a stern warning (if you’re lucky) or – most likely – a hefty ticket.

So how do you avoid this uncomfortable and often expensive situation in the first place? These 5 tips, courtesy of the nice people at Traffic Ticket Agents, will help you avoid getting a pricey traffic ticket and potential demerit points.


1: Pay attention behind the wheel!

Seriously, being an attentive driver is hugely important.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, distracted driving is a contributing factor for around 4 million vehicular collisions in North America each year.


Think about that.

So even though Candy Crush is one heckuva game and the kids in the back are about one McNugget away from absolute war, you really do need to keep your eyes on the road.

Not to mention that if the traffic around you is slowing down it’s virtually guaranteed there is a good reason for it, such as speed traps, spot checks, and/or obstructions on the road.


2: Don’t Be a Sore Thumb

Have you ever seen a cop pull over a silver minivan going 7km/h above the limit while letting the fluorescent yellow Audi speed away?

Neither have I.

If you really want a flashy display of your credit score and rev it to glorious new heights, then be aware that it will bring extra attention to you from everyone, and your heavy foot will be noticed way more readily by law enforcement than your minivan driving neighbours’.

However, if you do decide to spend your hard-earned money on that lil' red sports car, then you can at least take comfort in knowing that its ruby hue won't necessarily make you a target. According to Snopes, it's not the colour of your car - it's how you use it.


3: Keep Your Cool

Being emotional won’t work. Trust me.

This also goes for being a smarty-pants, suck-up, or smooth-talker.

If you’ve been accused of breaking traffic laws then your best bet is to deal with the situation like a mature, responsible citizen and not a whiny, annoying loser who can’t handle interacting with authority figures.

Like most grown adults, police officers and traffic court officials prefer interacting with people who can keep a level head and respectful conversation; letting out a series of curses, lame excuses, and/or fitful sobs will only give another entertaining story for them to share at the end of the day, not pangs of lenience-inspiring pity.

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4: Forget nice - be polite

They’re cops, not cable guys.

For a lot of them, this is just a part of what they need to do for their overall job and the less mindless, superficial chit-chat there is the quicker they can go back to doing something better.

“Hello officer” goes much farther than “Hey mang, how’s it goin’? How about the local sports team?” when the cop is considering whether or not to write you that pricey ticket.

Good manners also apply for when you pass the cop cruiser. Give ‘em a little wave as you hit the brakes... Really. They’ll either think they know you, or that you’re humbly acknowledging your infraction. Unless you're going obscenely fast, it looks way better than just driving past and pretending you don’t see them when the sudden flash of your brake lights proves you do.


5: Know Your Rights

It sounds cliché, but it’s true – knowing your rights is always the best move.

However, not all of us have the time, patience, or slightest inclination to read our local traffic safety act… But there are people out there who do, and giving those guys a call is always helpful. Even if you actually are in the wrong, they can offer inside tips and solutions that will save you time and money while avoiding demerits.

Even just chatting with folks like those at Traffic Ticket Agents can help you get a better idea of where you stand and help you decide if it’s worth just taking your lumps or taking the time to fight back.


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