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50 Ways To Stay Warm During Winter

Updated on February 7, 2014

It can get very cold in some parts of the world, and it's not always easy to keep warm.

Sometimes this can be due to the size of the house, the cost of electricity or just how freezing it is outside.

Here are some great ideas to stay warm during the colder months without spending a heap of money on heating appliances.

  1. Bathroom - If you have a bath or shower, leave the door open so the humidity can go into other rooms.
  2. Blankets - the simplest way to keep yourself warm. Use thick doonas and wool blankets for best results.
  3. Candles - Candles let off a surprising amount of heat - light a few up, but don't forget to blow them out before you go out, or go to sleep.
  4. Cover your Hands and Feet - These are areas you lose a lot of warmth through. If you don't like normal gloves, try fingerless gloves so you still maintain some warmth.
  5. Cover Windows - Heavy curtains or blankets keep out drafts and keep in heat.
  6. Electric Blanket or Throw - Great for some extra warmth.
  7. Fill The Gaps - Make sure that you have clothes with excess length - don't leave gaps between top and pants or pants and socks where cold can easily sneak in.
  8. Flannel Sheets - Change your sheets to flannel, and your pajamas too!
  9. Gas Heaters - you can either use portable gas bottles or have it connected directly to your house.
  10. Heat Rooms Ahead of Time - If you're planning to go to bed in an hour, start warming it up now!”
  11. Herbs - Such as cayenne, ginger, basil, cinnamon and garlic help your body stay warm. Add them to your cooking or drink in a hot tea.
  12. High Metabolism Foods - Cabbage and other vegetables, grains, nuts and meats can help your body keep warm because they are easily digestible and give you plenty of energy to keep warm.
  13. Hot Drinks - they'll warm both your hands and the rest of your body.
  14. Hot Baths & Showers - a good way to get warm before bed. Quickly towel dry and then hop into your warm pyjamas and get to sleep.
  15. Hot Breath - Blow into your hands to warm them up, or into a hooded jacket to help warm your face.
  16. Hot Food - another great way to warm yourself up. Try and avoid cold foods, as these will make you feel even colder.
  17. Hot Water Bottles - Put a wool cover on them and they can often keep their heat for as long as 12 hours.
  18. Insulation - inside the walls of your house and roof is a good way to conserve heat as well as save on energy bills. Even if you just save up for insulation in your bedrooms, you'll notice the difference. Some countries have rebate schemes for insulation purchases.
  19. Keep Dry - Make sure that if you get wet, or have a wash, you dry properly. And make sure your clothes are properly dried as well.
  20. Keep Your Head and Neck Warm - Try a beanie and scarf. These areas are often forgotten about and you can lose a lot of heat through them!
  21. Kerosene Heaters - A good choice if you need some backup warmth or something portable.
  22. Layer Your Clothing - This also helps to maintain heat. Two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks are a great way to start!
  23. Lining - When choosing your clothes, make sure they have a good lining so no cold can get through.
  24. Log Fireplaces - Generate a lot of heat and even after they've burnt down can still keep warm for hours.
  25. Machines - Turning on the dishwasher, washing machine or the oven can help warm up a room.
  26. Massage Oil - Rub some on your skin after a bath or shower to keep warm.
  27. Mattress Layering - Any type of metal can draw heat out, and that includes mattress springs. Try layering more blankets on your bed.
  28. One Room Heating - keep one room as your central point and keep it closed and heated. This way you can avoid heating the whole house, and are guaranteed to warm the area a lot faster, as well as keep the heat in that room.
  29. Padded Clothing - With thick linings. Insulated clothing will help keep the heat in.
  30. Pets - Let your dog or cat sleep on the bed to add extra warmth.
  31. Plastic/Bubble Wrap - Great for putting over the windows to reduce cold, and still allowing light in.
  32. Potatoes - Microwave a couple of potatoes and put them into your pockets to hold, keeping your hands warm.
  33. Reverse Switches on Ceiling Fans - Can be used to push the hot air back down into the room.
  34. Rubdown - Give yourself a quick rubdown with a rough washer to bring blood to the skin's surface.
  35. Rugs - If you have tile, stone or timber floors, rugs can help maintain heat and keep your feet warm.
  36. Run In The Cold - Only for a minute, then come back inside and you'll find yourself warmer!
  37. Sand/Door Snakes - These can be laid along the bottom of doors to stop drafts blowing in.
  38. Share The Warmth - Cuddle with someone, or sit close to them to share body warmth.
  39. Socks - You lose a lot of warmth through your feet, so make sure you wear socks, and slippers too.
  40. Sleep - Getting enough sleep energises and refuels your body so it'll function better in keeping you warm.
  41. Stay in Bed - It's the perfect place to stay warm and you can bring your book or laptop in to get your work done!
  42. Stay in One Spot - You'll warm up the spot and re-absorb the heat around you.
  43. Thermal Underwear - It's especially made to keep you warm and keep the heat in. A great way to keep warm without putting on lots of outside layers.
  44. Thick Foam - Hardware stores have foam that you can place around drafty windows and doors to keep the cold out.
  45. Top Floor - Live in a house with more than one story? Heat rises, so head for the top floor.
  46. Use The Dryer - Put your clothes in the dryer for 15 minutes before you put them on.
  47. Visualise Warmth - Think about a day at the beach, or a nice hot sauna.
  48. Warm Robes - Long ones that almost reach the floor are a good way to keep the heat in. They're also snuggly and help you feel more relaxed!
  49. Wheat Or Barley Bag - You can buy cloth bags filled with wheat or barley. Microwave them and use them for warmth - they can retain heat for quite a while!
  50. Wool - Make sure you use as many wool products as possible to keep you warm!


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