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Road Rage: 5 Signs You're A Lunatic

Updated on October 3, 2011

I live in a country where people drive like maniacs. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, because the natives are pretty passive people. Ok, maybe they’re a little more passive-aggressive than just passive, but generally speaking they aren’t outwardly aggressive people.

Indeed, the physical crime in this country is quite minimal. Even with beer drinking serving as the national past time, they don’t often become rowdy or uncivilized. They are raised well, so to speak. Which is why it’s so amazing to watch them on the interstate.

The speed on large highways is 130 kmh – which is about 80 mph. That might sound quite fast, and it is, but it’s a safe speed when defensive driving is in place. Unfortunately, few people seem to care about that. What you end up seeing are madmen tailgating 1 foot from your bumper, whilst driving 93 mph in the rain.

Obviously, this means you would also be driving 93 in the rain – but you have to, because the guy behind you would be even closer if you didn’t. Why don’t you just move over? Well, you would. But you can’t, cos there is a slow moving truck in front of you (that’s how you got in this mess in the first place) and a slew of slow-moving semis on the right, who are driving bumper to bumper.

It’s like the Wild West, and as such, I tend to drive only at night when the natives are sleeping. That YouTube clip completely epitomizes the driving experience in this country. It's a guy filiming himself driving like a lunatic. That’s the vid, go on and have a look. Notice how close everyone is. What you probably don’t realize, is that in many scenes, all those cars are already driving 80 mph! It’s a scary video. He has so many near-misses, I have yet to be able to watch the whole thing. I hope I never see him on the road.

Very Scary Driving

Top 5 Signs You're a Lunatic Driver

  • You Drive a BMW -- This will probably offend a few BMW owners, but hey, this is a biggie. I didn’t associate BMW ownership with bad driving when I lived in the US, but my time in Europe has shown a distinct correlation. Every time I see someone fly by me like a lunatic, they are almost sure to be in a BMW.

  • You’re 40 mph Over the Speed Limit -- You’d think most people would realize this is dangerous. Apparently, many do not.

  • You Pass On the Right -- This one makes you a bad driver and a jerk. Just because the guy in front of you doesn’t want to drive 90 mph, doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to pass him on the right.

  • You Cross Solid White Lines -- You know, there’s a reason these things exist. Crossing them is a danger to others – and yourself. Not that the safety of others seems to matter to you.

  • You Pass On the Shoulder -- Are you insane?!?

  • You Think That YouTube Video is Funny -- Do I need to explain this one? Honestly, if you want to drive like a lunatic, that’s cool. Go to a closed track and race away. But don’t endanger innocent people who have no desire to die today.


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