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7 Tips For A Safe Trip

Updated on August 8, 2011

Look Good and Be Ready for Rain!

Title: Photographers expand horizons in 2010 Army Digital Photography Contest ~  Attribution License ~ Photographer: family ~
Title: Photographers expand horizons in 2010 Army Digital Photography Contest ~ Attribution License ~ Photographer: family ~

Be Prepared!

We are all in a rush these days, and it is easy and natural to just jump in your car and drive off without a thought; however, it is important to realize that driving is a risky business, and it pays to be prepared. Here are seven simple tips that will help make your driving experience safer.

  1. Carry your cell phone in the car with you. Be sure it is within easy reach so that you can access it if you are in a wreck or stranded somewhere.
  2. Keep bottled water in your car at all times. Again, keep it where you can reach it if you are stuck in your car.
  3. Keep a little non-perishable food in your car. A box of granola bars will be mighty welcome if you are ever stranded far from civilization - especially if you have children with you.
  4. Make sure your first aid kit is complete and up-to-date. You want your band-aids to stick and your disinfectant to exist (that is - you don’t want it to evaporate and find an empty bottle when you really need a full one!)
  5. Prepare an emergency kit to keep in your trunk. In addition to flares, jumper cables, and a flashlight with good batteries, make sure to include some good walking shoes and socks, a comfortable change of clothes, a jacket (waterproof is best), cap, gloves, a towel, and a blanket. You may also want to include paper towels, a roll of toilet paper, some WD-40, an extra bottle of motor oil, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid, and a big bottle of rubbing alcohol. You may never need these things, but if you do, you will be glad to have them.
  6. Be sure your car is in safe driving condition. Take a couple of minutes to give it a quick once-over before you leave your driveway every day. Start your car, honk your horn, check to be sure your windshield wipers are working. Turn on your flashers and your lights and take a quick walk around your car to be sure they are working properly. Check your turn signals. Look at your tires while you’re at it.
  7. When you get back in your car, check your gauges to be sure you have enough gas, your car isn’t running hot, your dash lights are working, and so on. If you need gas, make the gas station your first stop, and be sure to check under the hood and clean your windshield while you are there.

These simple tips will take a few minutes of your time and a little of your trunk space, but believe me, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need some of the items listed, you will be very glad you have them. And just think how smart you will look to all your friends!


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    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 6 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Thanks Max! ;D

    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 6 years ago from India

      Very nice hub. I like your ideas.