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The Impossible Dream

Updated on May 20, 2013

Something For Nothing

I am not sure how this came about, people wanting something for nothing. There is a person who asked the following question. I am paraphrasing it, how do you get a car for nothing. If some one gave you a car for free there are still cost. You must buy gas, pay insurance, either do it yourself or have maintenance performed on you free car. Now if you can afford this why create a problem for you self. Now if some oneĀ  were to give you a car for free, what can you do with it if you can't afford the above mentioned cost. I once observed a guy with a sign stated he would work for food. The guy was standing at the gate of a construction site. This is the equivalent of asking some one not only to give you food but feed it to you also. Dreaming the impossible dream could produce a positive occurrence.


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