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AC Systems Based On Automotive Electronics Repairs

Updated on August 14, 2010

AC Systems Based On Automotive Electronics Repairs

 Modern AC systems found in vehicles call for technical and certified expertise from qualified personnel who can comfortably handle them without causing complications that might lead to added costs or even total replacement of the entire AC system.  If you can be able to carry out petty repairs on air conditioning and related electronics of your car, then this can result in cost cutting and elimination of unnecessary stress in your day-to-day life.  Below are some common problems associated with electronics of air conditioning systems of cars as well as how they can be repaired at home.  Air conditioning system not being sufficiently cool can be because of the following reasons.  Wiring problem or a blown fuse that is diagnosed to be so if the clutch happens to have problems engaging.  This is addressed by a fuse replacement although an extensive diagnosis should be done to figure out the cause of this to avoid similar occurrence.  Another cause for this is a magnetic clutch that is defective especially if it does not power the compressor even after being fed with an input voltage.

 Squeaky sounds emanating from the belt of a compressor in most instances means that the compressor is out of order.  Should the clutch be functioning properly, the compressor should then be replaced.  Leaking refrigerant is the most common repair of AC that is reported in car repair shops.  This problem can be addressed through a variety of methods that include hose, O-ring and seal replacement plus the installation of electronic detectors.

 Car AC systems also have intermittent cooling problems which means that get bursts of alternate hot and cool air which is usually caused by a system that has  moisture or air trapped in.   Car AC repairs for this problem is done by flushing out the trapped air and moisture using vacuum pumps.  Electrical faults like faulty temperature sensors, control modules, compressor clutch and switches/relays that are defective have also been known to cause intermittent cooling.  Noise in AC systems is widespread and it is due to a variety of factors, which include compressor problems, poor lubricant choice, refrigerant contamination and loose hoses and other parts.  Lastly, there is the problem of foul odors from AC systems, which are caused by bacteria presence in the evaporator.  It requires disinfectants to be sprayed into the blower ducts or evaporator.


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