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Are Blinkers and Courteous Driving out the Window?

Updated on April 14, 2014

Luxury drivers less courteous?

I read a statistic that drivers of luxury cars fell into this category most. The University of California Berkley conducted the study, but because I believe everyone needs a driving make over, not just luxury car owners I will not focus entirely on it. Notice I did not say wealthy drivers. You do not have to be wealthy to drive a luxury car. I do believe it makes a good point. Sometimes there comes a sense of entitlement with an expensive purchase.

Driving to me is a little like a psychology lesson. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but hear is how I see it from the rude driver point of view. I am more important that you, and where I have to be is more important than where you have to be. There may be some people who would say they do feel this way, and for those people, I feel sorry for you. For the rest of us who really do want to be good people, but have a laps in judgment from time to time, let’s think about this whole nice driver idea.

Reality about drivers

Have you ever noticed when you are driving how many times someone pulls out in front of you, or turns without using their blinker. If you haven’t, lucky you! I suffer from what I would call a mild to moderate case of road rage. My husband may upgrade this rating if he were asked. I am working on this, but in the mean time I think we are in the need for our driving to be revolutionized.

Gone are the days where drivers are courteous and signal before they turn. Even going further, why don’t we try to treat driving with the Golden Rule? Let’s all drive like we want the person next to, in front of, or behind us to drive. If you need to get into the other lane, don’t wait until the last minute so you have to cut me off, then turn causing all traffic to be halted. Plan ahead and wait in traffic like every other person in that coveted lane. Why are there drivers who believe their 30 seconds in the fast lane is more valuable than mine? How did they get this mindset, and how can we change it?

Results and solutions

When you cut me off, instead of waiting until I pass (since there is no one behind me) how much time does that save you? I would rather function under the thought of paying it forward. Instead of cutting someone off, and making them think you are an inconsiderate jerk (which you may, or may not be) why not be courteous and not hold them responsible for the fact that you are in the wrong lane. I would rather miss my turn and circle back than cut someone off and turn right in front of him. In the scheme of things, what will you lose by being a little more cautious before you change lanes, or turn that blinker on so I know you are turning.

Just imagine if your actions, or non-action, could help someone’s day be better. What if the person you just cut off lost their job, or found out someone close to them passed away? Now how much power do you have to help those 10 or 20 people you encounter have a better of an experience? Let’s drive like we care about people again!

What do you think?

Are blinkers and courteous drivers less common than years ago?

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