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Is It The End for Gas Powered Vehicle... with Air Powered Cars Made Real?

Updated on September 5, 2013

It's More than a Concept

Gas will be gone in just another few decades if new resources are not found. Scientists have been finding way to produce auto that either consume gas with high efficiency or does not consume gas at all.

One of the recent innovation is air powered cars. It is one of the newest idea but have yet to be made commercialized. There might be some safety and technology aspects that must be addressed first before it can be used on the road.

Scientists and car makers have been doing a lot of researches in producing new technology to have save our mother earth from pollution and global warming. There were lots of great ideas being put into test but most of them failed completely to deliver the idea of clean air or totally environmental friendly car.

Hybrid engines are a good start and have even receive very positive response from the public, but yet they still involve internal combustion that pollutes air.

Electric cars, on the other hand are even better idea; it eliminates the use of fuel completely and have been proven as mother earth friendly. However, they still run into some serious technical problems; batteries used on them are too heavy and expensive.

Besides, the cars do not tend to have a very good range and enough acceleration. They need to be charged along the journey particular if it is a long one. Moreover, many electric batteries pose serious problems when disposing off. If it is not done right, the leakage from the batteries can be very dangerous either to the earth or human.

Martian Watches, Air-Powered Cars

As mentioned before, air powered car are the newest ideal and it looks the most promising of all. An air powered car is a car runs on a technology that is driven by compressed air. Some people might think that this is silly because it's not practical enough to be used widely.

However, most do not know that the same principle has been adapted into air powered toy cars. It has been around for some times and it was not until recently that people started to pay attention on it.

Trying to put this principle into practice is of course more difficult than said, but it is not as difficult as most think. Air is extremely compressible and for that a lot of energy can be stored in a relatively small area. Think about gas that is stored in a tank. It is just the same principle being applied onto different element.

The best thing about air powered cars is that they don't need to store heavy objects as what those battery operated cars need. Besides, highly compressed oxygen weighs very little and that makes an air powered car lighter than an internal combustion one.

Best of all, air powered cars offer comparable or even better performance than electric cars. Tests have proven that most of them can go up to 500 miles at the speeds of up to 90 miles an hour. That's good enough for a car that runs entirely on compressed air.

It's Possible, It's Just A Matter of Time

Air Powered Concept Car
Air Powered Concept Car | Source

Air powered cars are still a very new technology and its potential has yet to be exploited to the full. The technology isn't yet been perfected to be utilized for road use. One of the main issues that air powered cars faced is its power boost capability.

The first generation of this car will probably be installed with a small gasoline engine to generate extra boost during acceleration in the city. Else it will be really troublesome when the driver one to overtake the car in the front.

Eventually, this requirement will be dropped altogether when auto makers could produce a better engine with greater power. This might seem to be a distant dream now but it is undoubtedly possible in the near future. I for one hope that it will come sooner than expected because we all know that the environment can't afford to wait much longer now.

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