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All About Electric Cars

Updated on February 22, 2012

All About Electric Cars

In the recent time, the electric car stands out in news all over the world. A number of reasons can be seen in this interest for this type of vehicle. All about electric cars will be discussed in this page which includes reasons why an electric car starts to attract interest from people specifically the consumers. The reasons are as follows:

The electric car creates less pollution than a gasoline powered car. Thus, it is an environment- friendly vehicle.

News stories about hybrid cars include electric cars.

Fuel cells provide power to electric cars. This fuel cell is getting attention from the media.

Instead of a gasoline engine, electric car is operated by an electric motor.

Seeing the outward appearance of a car, you won’t even notice several clues whether a car is electric or not. Its true nature – being nearly silent, gives you a clue that the car you've seen is electric. However, there are several differences between a gasoline and an electric car which includes:

Electric motor is used to replace the gasoline engine.

Controller provides power to an electric motor.

Rechargeable batteries give power to a controller.

Like a plumbing project, a gasoline engine exhaust pipes.

For you to know whether a car is electric or not, you must know how this car and its parts work.

In the past, an electric car was a 1994 Geo Prism vehicle. The following are the modifications from this vehicle to an electric car:

The muffler, tailpipe and catalytic converter and gasoline engine were removed from the vehicle.

Left in the vehicle is the manual transmission, which was partnered by a clutch assembly before. The transmission was then pinned in the gear.

With the use of an adapter plate, the transmission bolted the new AC electric motor.

The car floor was installed by a battery tray.

Electric motors were controlled by an electric controller. This controller is also used to add power to the engine parts which include air conditioner, water pump and power steering pump.

Before, the vehicle uses an engine vacuum, but now, a vacuum pump was included in the power brakes. Switch replacing the shifter controls the forward and reverse motions of the transmission.

To provide heat, the vehicle was added by an electric water heater.

For recharging purposes, charger had been added into the vehicle. This certain car is composed of two systems of charging namely: 240 volt wall outlet and an charging paddle used for induction.

Clearly stated above, the fuel used for electric vehicles is cheaper than the cost of fuel for gasoline vehicles. An average person in a city can drive more than thirty or forty miles per day. Fifty mile range does not limit the person to drive.

What’s Inside an Electric Car?

Electric car is composed by electric motor, batteries and motor’s controller. Batteries provide power to the controller which is delivered to the motor. A pair of potentiometers was hooked by an accelerator pedal. These potentiometers give the signal telling the controller the amount of power that needs to be delivered. The power level varies depending on the condition of the car. When the electric car is stopped, the controller of the vehicle can deliver zero power. Full power when it the driver steps the accelerator pedal.

Electric Car Motors and Batteries

Either AC or DC motor can be used for electric cars. It can be used from 96 to 192 volts when it is a DC motor. Electric forklift industry produces DC motors for electric cars. If the motor is an AC motor, then, it can be used at 240 volts AC partnered with a three hundred volt battery pack.

If you’re looking for a simpler and cheaper motor, use DC installations for electric cars. Normally, this motor is in the 20,000 watt up to 30,000 watt range while a controller ranges from 40,000 watts up to 60,000 watts. The good thing with this motor is that you drive it up to 10 to 1 for a short period of time. It means that a 20,000 watt motor can accept a 100,000 watt and can deliver five times its horsepower.

In most cases, any industrial 3 phrase AC motor can be used for AC installations. Thus, it is much easier to find a particular size, power rating and shape of AC motor than DC motor. During braking, motor was turned into a generator and can deliver the power to the batteries. Batteries became the weak part of any electric car. A technology called lead acid battery has six problems: heavy, bulky, limited capacity, and slow to charge.

All about electric cars mentioned above will help you determine the difference of this type of car with a gasoline powered vehicle.


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      dileep kumar 

      7 years ago

      It is very nice to see.


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