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Alpinestars Winter Touring Balaclava : Enjoy Riding Even Through The Winter

Updated on August 23, 2012

Some people ride in all weathers because they have to, some people ride all weathers because it's their job, some people ride in all weather because they love it! I fall in to the latter and I can honestly say I get down if I don't ride. I have ridden in all conditions, wind,rain, hail stones, freezing cold. This is when the investment you've made on your gear pays dividends. Even right down to the little things like gloves and balaclavas. I remember my dad telling me ( This was before I rode ) how much difference a balaclava makes when you're riding. He was right, I carry 2 balaclavas on me at all times when I ride. The weather lately have been absolutely horrendous, these make such a diffrence. Mine however are just neck tube balaclavas and they weren't the best. This is where the Alpinestars Touring Balaclava comes in. I needed more structure and little more resistant to the wind and cold. There no better feeling than being cozy on a bike. I have a long gor-tex waterproof, hi-viz jacket, full leathers and thermals for my winter riding and it feels great when you can't feel anything the outside is thorwing at you. I can ride for miles and miles like this. Now because I ride a sports bike comfort is everything. My balaclavas were still letting the cold through giving quite a sore neck afterwords. I also wear a AGV Valentino Rossi K-3 helmet which doesn't let you shut the mouth vent. I had to upgrade my balaclava.

The Alpinestars Touring Balaclava features a Water and Windproof neck skirt. This gives you ultimate weather protection when zipped under your jacket. The material used is a combination of lycra and micro fibre stiched in a flat lock seam construction to increase durability. A full facE design giving complete protection. There's an open section to aid breathing and reduce condensation build up on your visor. This balaclave can be worn with open and full face helmets.

This is a great addition to your biking clobber. The full face design and micro fibre material keeps your head cozy. If your helemet has a couple of vents which are permenantly open like mine the full face balaclave is a must. The extra long skirt is a great feature, letting you tuck this under your jacket. There's nothing I hate more than anything is water running down my neck or being wet for that matter when riding. The full face design means that it wont slide down your neck when you put your helmet on. Alpinestars have kept the fabric as thin as possible so you still retain comfort in your existing helmet it's also a one size fits all. Combining This Balaclava with my waterproof jacket and thermals I am as snug as bug in a rug. I'll also be using this when I do motocross in the winter months. The Alpinestars Touring Balaclava is one of those items you'll keep for years and years and worth every penny.


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