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Formula One's most memorable angry driver moments (in videos)

Updated on November 6, 2016

Mark Webber - 2010 British Grand Prix

In possibly the first public show of the tension between the Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel relationship (and arguably where Red Bull showed their preference for Sebastian as their number one driver) Mark Webber shows his anger in the post race interview, saying that he thinks the team is happy and slamming his glass of water down on the table.

Mark was a great character in Formula One and still missed. After not being given an updated aero front wing (even though his was damaged) and the new (faster) wing being given to Vettel it was immediately obvious who RBR favoured in terms of drivers.

Angry Webber video:

Michael Schumacher looses it with David Coulthard at the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix

In the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher parks his car in his garage and goes to find David Coulthard, ready to punch him after Coulthard arguably prevents Schumacher from winning the 1998 Drivers Championship.

Schumacher was lapping Coulthard but Coulthard refused to make it easy for Schumacher to overtake. Schumacher was blinded by water spray from Coulthard's Mclaren, hit the back of his car and lost the race due to terminal damage.

Schumacher -v- Coulthard video:

Massa angry with Hamilton after 2011 Singapore GP

During the 2011, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton came to blows once again that season after the race. Attempting to make up ground on the 12th lap, Hamilton crashed into the back of Massa, damaging his own front wing and puncturing Massa's Ferrari tyre. Hamilton was given a drive-through penalty for the incident.

During a press interview, Massa approaches Hamilton, smacks him on the shoulder and says (in a sarcastic tone) "good job, huh" at which point Lewis swings around and says "don't touch me man".

Angry Massa video:

Aryton Senna and Alan Prost

The battles both on and off the track between these two drivers are very well documented and featured in the excellent film 'Senna' (if you haven't seen it yet, buy it).

In this video you can see Senna call Prost a "coward" in a press conference - clearly very angry as he blames politics for the way in which he (and other drivers) are being treated over Prost and compares them to having "lead shoes" so that Prost can win.

This was clearly a popular view as Nigel Mansell nods his head in agreement and people in the press conference can be heard applauding and whistling in support.

Senna calls Prost a 'coward'

Massa and Alonso slanging match after 2007 European Grand Prix

After the race at Nürburgring, Germany, Massa and Alonso come to blows.

For those of you who can't follow the video too well, here's the translation:

Alonso: "You did it intentionally, as in Barcelona."
Massa: "No, I did not."
Alonso: "You broke my sidepod there go and have a look at it!"
Massa: "Go fuck yourself!. You won and you say something like this."
Alonso: "Mate, it cant break itself."
Alonso: "I have fought with Heidfeld, with everybody, what you did with three laps to go cant be done."
Massa: "He wins and says that? You must learn!"
Alonso: "It is you who has to learn. I have fought with everybody and with three laps to go, we touch!"
Massa: (Sarcastic) "Bravo."
Alonso: "Bravo you!"
Massa: "You say that I did it on purpose, like I did that on purpose in Barcelona?. You were behind."
(At this point Ron Dennis steps in)
Dennis: "Boys, calm down."
Massa: "Tell him to!"
Dennis: "You're doing it to."
Massa: "Fuck you."

Alonso and Massa argue:

Vettel and Webber again: Multi-21

Possibly one of the most well covered arguments between two drivers is the 'multi-21' argument between Vettel and Webber in 2013 at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Vettel had received a team order to go into mode 'multi 21'. Vettel ignored the order and refused to slow down. During this race, Webber had also been seen by cameras sticking his middle finger up at Vettel. Even team boss Christian Horner got on the radio to tell Vettel the situation was "silly" but Vettel ignored him.

Following the race Webber and Vettel had a brief exchange before the podium ceremony. Webber commented, "Multi-21, Seb. Multi-21," which is in reference to the team order issued, which specifies that car no. 2 (Webber) is to finish the race in front of car no.1 (Vettel).

The result of this incident was a superb battle between the two Red Bull Racing drivers which fans loved.


Post race interview - Webber slams Vettel


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