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Auto Dealership Website

Updated on July 4, 2016


The website will be a car dealership website with full e-commerce capabilities. The targeted audience of the website are people looking forward to buying new or slightly used cars. The vehicles displayed on the website will not include heavy commercial cars and buses, they will be generally small cars and sport utility vehicles. The cars target the markets of young people looking for small fuel economical cars, families looking for sedans and five seater vehicles and well-off people who would like to buy SUVs. A customer will be able to visit the website and find a whole range of images of cars with their listed prices. From these, he/she will select the one that interests most, clicking on a car will automatically take the customer to see the vehicle features and a short description. From there, a customer may go ahead to add it to the shopping cart and later on check out the car. Payment plan and delivery will be set by the customer during checkout.

Automotive car-dealer website

Easy access to new cars in the market
Easy access to new cars in the market | Source

Revenue Generation

Revenue will be generated from profits of the sales of cars made on the website. These cars will be bought at a price less than the listed selling prices, and thus profit is attained from every single sale. Revenue will also come from commissions. As said before, the website lists both new and used cars. Therefore, by listing cars whose owners are willing to sell them off, each sale of such cars will lead to a direct commission. The commission rate will be a percentage of the selling price of the car as agreed with the owner of the vehicle. This website will seek to attract customers using discounts, terms of payment and after sale services. Occasionally, cars will be sold at discounted prices, lower than sellers thus attracting customers. Terms of payment will include financing whereby a customer will be allowed to pay off the car in monthly installments giving the website a competitive edge. After sale services include a free of charge full tank fueling and one-time free servicing thus attracting many customers.


This entails how the website will gain the trust of clients so that they have no fear of being conned or swindled. First of all, it will be by ensuring that the online payment platform is very secure and dependable and thus cannot fail in the due course of a transaction. Secondly, an online receipt will be given to the customer after a successful payment as proof that a purchase was made. Thirdly, all listed cars will be thoroughly checked to ensure that they have no mechanical problems, and they are not products of theft or any other means of illegal acquisition. Lastly, free and dependable, online and on phone customer care services will be offered to clients at all times.


This concerns how the website will encourage visitors to stay on it longer and also how it will keep them coming back. First of all, the site will feature a forum that will enable customers to chat with each other and with a sales representative. Secondly, for any purchase, the customer will be given a coupon code that will see significant discounts on any further purchases. Thirdly, customers will have created accounts with the website will be paid abilities to review cars.


This deals with how secure the shoppers will find it to use the internet site in making a purchase or just ‘looking around’ and also how their online experiences on the website will be desirable and satisfying. First of all, the cars will be listed on the products page, and the shopper will have to change their sorting to be based on pricing, models, year of manufacture and so on thus giving total control of their appearance. Secondly, the shopping cart will be displayed to the shopper at all times so that he/she knows the amounts due and can easily checkout without having to traverse the website looking for a way to check out. Thirdly, there will be a feature of short descriptions about all the cars that will display on hover or click of a product image. Lastly, the shopper will be able to choose from a variety of payment methods during checkout giving him/her freedom of choice.


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