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BMW M-Tech

Updated on May 16, 2013

BMW M also known as M tecknick is a branch of the BMW group and they specialise in turning normal BMW's into extra fast cars. These guys greatly increase various factors of the cars which they make. With upgrades to details such as the aerodynamics , the suspension, brakes , gearbox and the clutch and the of coarse the engine. BMW M Tech has been around since 1972 and become successful in the 60's and 70's.


The Story

Founded in 1972 this is a company that takes pride in getting the most out of BMW cars and the putting their badges on them. Obviously these cars are more dangerous much faster and aimed at the people that are willing to pay the price in dollars as a sacrifice of this.

The main production in M Tech is the production of engines and this has seen them excel in this area. M tech produce engines that are very reliable , that will last and will definitely put a hole in your pocket for fuel. When it comes to engines their party piece has been the 6.1 litre V12 engine that they produced which powers the great McLaren F1 car. This is a great car and a great engine and showcases the talent of the M Tech enigneers.

Initially in 1972 the M Tech group was founded to actually make cars for their motor sport racing crews and develop all the engines. Having done well in this sector there was a growing increase in the number of high end customers that wanted their car faster than usual.This saw BMW getting M Tech to actually start producing cars for production, this meant that these cars were actually popular from the time when they were released.

BMW are not known for not being reliable , they're known for actually producing high-spec cars that are highly priced. If you are buying a BMW you know you are buying a badge but on top of that you are paying that money knowing you will get what BMW call the 'perfect driving experience' to an extent I think its true. With this in mind its not surprising to know that the M Tech team test all their models at BMW's private facility of the Nurburgring.

Now because of the popularity we have seen over the years cars with M badges, these cars may be BMW's but more than that they may be two things. The first is the most likely the car is a normal BMW with a badge purchased for Ebay. Many of these are in circulation these days and if you are planing to by an M car be sure to check this. The second possibility is that this is not a full M car, many cars have been sent to M Tech and BMW to have 'M' upgrades such as suspension and brakes or a combination of these and some, because of this the car will carry the badge but it will not actually be a full M Car. This is true of most E39's (3 series) which came out and saw the owners getting upgrade of the M3 bumpers.


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