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Best Portable Car Battery Charger Including Black and Decker

Updated on November 19, 2012

Dead Battery

Snow is falling softly and the temp is a mere -10 degrees. Oh PLEASE let my car start I say to myself as I walk through the inch of snow that has not been plowed away from the parking lot. Thoughts of hot cocoa and a nice hot bath run through my mind. I crack through the ice on my lock, open the door and sit down. Wow it's cold!

I shiver as I put the key into the ignition, please start please start- rrrrrrrrrrr, click, rrrrrrrrrrrr. NO NO NO! I continue to go through the stage of denial and press on the gas and turn again, NO! After many attempts and now flooding it, I am off to find a willing participant to stand outside and freeze as I borrow their jumper cables.

Living in Minnesota I know the frustration of having a "dead" battery. But I will not be as concerned knowing that I have a battery charger in my trunk. My days of tow-trucks and half-heartily compassionate people are done!


Car Won't Start?
Car Won't Start?

Black and Decker

Black and Decker is a trusted and dependable brand.

It is no wonder that they have made a Portable Battery Charger that is reliable and worth the purchase.

  • Spark-resistant design for added safety including reverse hook-up protection
  • Features easy connectivity for battery clips and ring terminals or vehicle DC plug
  • Two year warranty


Black and Decker
Black and Decker


Boats, ATVs, Motercycles, Scooters, Cars....You name it and it is no match for the Schumacher Product.

In cold climates, this unit is indispensable for keeping batteries warm overnight and ready for starting and no worries because every Schumacher power source comes with a one-year limited warranty.

This charger is perfect for keeping your car battery charged during the winter months. I have now purchased two units and they deliver as promised. Simply and easy to use.

Review From Amazon Customer

Portable solar charger
Portable solar charger

Solar Power!

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? If the sun is strong enough to heat the world, surely it has enough power to charge your battery!

Well, better late than never, I say.

Portable solar chargers obtain energy from the sun.However, they can be used in low light, such as on a cloudy day. Portable solar charger are typically used for what is called 'trickle charging. Trickle charging is (according to Wikipedia) a kind of simple charger that charges the battery slowly, at the self-discharge rate. A trickle charger is the slowest kind of battery charger.

But, some solar chargers can completely recharge batteries.

All I can say is I know Winter and I know being stuck with a Dead Battery.

Don't be stuck in the cold! 

Protect yourself and your family and have a Portable Car Battery Charger available when you need it!


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