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Best places to advertise your used car for quick sell

Updated on July 2, 2014

Get a professional for sale sign to sale your car.

Sell Your Own Car and Pocket the Profit - "Demand and Prices of Used Cars Have Risen 30 Percent Over the Past Year"

Selling your own car will most likely gain you the highest profit because you have no overhead cost, but a dealership has to bear the overhead. Selling your own car can be a rewarding experience if you plan ahead and know the best places to advertise. I have included the best places to advertise your used car for quick sell. The list includes seven places to advertise your car in your local market and online.

Selling your car is easier than you might think. The most difficult thing about selling your car is preparing your vehicle for sale. Your car has to look and drive the best it can without spending a mint to put it up for sale. A clean car inside and out, is extremely valuable. Most buyers want a car that is ready to be driven on the road immediately without doing any work to it.

Take close-up shots of the vehicle you want to sell.
Take close-up shots of the vehicle you want to sell. | Source
Sale your car yourself and reap big profits.
Sale your car yourself and reap big profits. | Source

List of Best Places to Advertise Your used car for Quick Sell:

1. Craigslist - free to list. Craigslist hasn't been around a very long time, but is has a great reputation for "now" buyers. If you want something now - to sell or buy - get ready for a whirlwind spin to act quickly when buyers see your vehicle posted. If your item is a good buy and set at the right price, it will move quickly - even if it is an older model.

2. Ebay. Ebay has a huge reputation to connect buyers and sellers all around the world. Buyers bid on items they want to purchase. You as the seller have to: have an account with Ebay; set up the sell with the description of the vehicle along with photos. Photos are extremely important in selling a vehicle. Take excellent photos that show the details of your vehicle. You can use your camera phone to do so. You decide how long you want your vehicle posted for bidding. The longer the bidding process, the better chance you have at getting your highest price for the vehicle. You also decide if your want a "buy it now," price or a "reserve," price. A buy it now means that a buyer can buy at that asking price without bidding. The reserve price is the price the seller will not accept anything less than for the vehicle.

Shipping and handling. When you advertise your sale, you decide if you want to sale local or out of state. Local buyers can pick up the vehicle, but out of state buyers will need shipping. If you get an ambitious buyer, they will come to you (drive to you) to get the vehicle. Shipping through a third party is cumbersome but can be worth the hassel. The cost of shipping varies from company to comany......cost ranges in the hundreds of dollars. Note: Ebay takes out a small chunk, around 10%, of money from you to use their site to advertise.

3. has 10 millions of viewers and is a great source to sell your car. They have different packages starting at $15.00. This is a good choice, because there are no large fees to incur.

4. Auto Trader. Auto trader boasts 16 millions viewers to their sight - that's a lot of viewers. So if you are looking for a huge audience, this is the place to go. Go to their website and learn more.

5 Tips to Sell Your Own Vehicle

Sell your car online for little to no cost.
Sell your car online for little to no cost. | Source

Where have you sold your used car?

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5. Newspaper. You can advertise in your local newspaper to get attention from your local audience. Since this medium is intented for local viewers, your vehicle should be a common vehicle that is easy to sell. If you are selling a rare vehicle, you will want a global audience viewing and vying to purchase your prized possession.

6. Lot near your home - free to leave. Is there a vacant (easy access) public lot in your neighborhood that is well lit at night? Think about placing your vehicle there for your community to see. If you do advertise your car this way, make sure you check on it daily - if not twice daily. If the car is a great vehicle, it will sell almost instantly, and it will only be on the lot a few days - if that.

7. Word of Mouth - free. Co-workers, neighbors and friends who know your reputation could be willing to purchase a vehicle from you, if not for themselves, for someone else in their family. They can be your mouthpiece. You can post signs on the bulletin board (if allowed), at your local grocer and in the newsletter if possible. As a general rule, selling to family and friends is not suggested. If there are problems later, which all cars have, you may ruin a good friendship or family relation. So think about this one before atempting to sell this way.

Final thoughts: Take precautions when selling your vehicle. Never meet buyers by yourself to show your vehicle. Try to avoid accepting cash if it is over about $500 - because you may be accepting counterfeit bills - only accept Cashiers Checks, Registered Checks or Money Orders. Get a non-refundable deposit if a buyer is interested in purchasing your vehicle and will not have the money until a few days later. Lastly, always be friendly, courteous and professional when negotiating a deal. I wish you much success on the sell of your next vehicle!


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  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Happyboomernurse, yes, it is essential to take precautions when selling a vehicle. You do not want to get scammed. Thanks for your rating!


    The used car market is hot! Glad I can share the list of markets. Thanks, hope you enjoy your visit to Michigan!

  • Denise Handlon profile image

    Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

    Hi Sima-very useful list of markets here. I am hoping to be in Michigan for a visit soon...

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Very informative hub which I'm bookmarking for future reference. I'm glad you added the Final Thoughts precautions for safety and to avoid getting swindled. Am rating this hub up and useful.

  • heart4theword profile image

    heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

    Never knew about, thanks for sharing:)

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Hi Simone Smith, Ebay is very well know as a medium for selling vehicles. Thanks for stopping by - I sure do appreciate it!

  • Simone Smith profile image

    Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

    Huh! Never heard of cars being sold on eBay before. Nice Hub!

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Deborah-Diane, apparently the demand for used cars has gone up so much because of the economy. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Marcella Glenn, appreciate your thoughts. You know I always try to make sense.

    JSParker, nice to see you. Wow! you rented out a house on Craigslist - there is so much you can do there. I did here a news report recently about a man who sold something to someone thru Craigslist and, and later he counted the cash - the bills on the outside of the stack were good; but the bills in between were counterfeit!

    Appreciate your vote!

  • JSParker profile image

    JSParker 6 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

    Good tips. I didn't know about I have sold many things and rented out houses on Craigslist. It's a great site for selling. Your last paragraph was very good advice. I had always asked for cash, but will ask for the cashier's check, etc., from now on. Good work. Voted Up and Useful.

  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 6 years ago from PA

    This hub is very insightful and makes sense.

  • Deborah-Diane profile image

    Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

    I had no idea that the demand for used cars had gone up so much! Great info.